Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first attempt at a "Haul" video : Epic Fail!! #childrensplace #oshkosh

Hello Dear Readers:
 These short videos are my first attempt at "Haul" videos. I am not sure they are an Epic Fail. Just a slight fail. Ha. They were amusing to make though. I thought it would be fun, because Ana and I found such cute things for such cute prices.  I looove shopping, and hope that Ana loves it too, because it can be a bonding experience for us when she is older. Providing we like the same fashion, or style, or something.  In the meantime I guide her through the store and point out things that I think she would like (tutus, ruffles, sparkly stuff, girly stuff) and throw in leggings and jeans to pair with everything. This particular shopping spree was for pre-school which she starts in September. I tried to pick basics that I would not worry about paint, clay, crayon, marker, dirt, etc getting on. Easy to wash, easy to dry and low maintenance. And some cute shoes. And, I bought Ana her first pair of Uggs, but they are not in the videos.

Osh Kosh:

Children's Place:

We had fun and will be making more, especially when garage sale season starts again in April!
Also, I will be adding the prices, because they were so amazing :)
Happy Spring!! 

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