Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Back in Time and Getting Even More Organized...

Ana and I in the same dress, 36 years apart! Thanks Mom for saving this beautiful outfit!

Hello Dear Readers,

 It has been somewhat of a crazy, hectic, fun and social week. Play dates galore, parties and holidays as well as plenty of family time. We are finally home and Ana is trying to take a nap. While I have my hour or so of peace and quiet I popped on to let you know that things are going to change around here. I need organization or I get too crazy. And I forget things. So, as part of my New Years Resolution on organization, I am going to get this blog all up and organized. Here is the plan:

  • Mon Recipe of the Week (healthy or decadent, sharing at least one recipe a week)
  • Tues Craft, Art Project or Creative Idea for the Week
  • Wed Photos  or Wordless Wed
  • Thurs Vintage Ana/Or Heartfelt Note to Ana.  Gotta have at least one personal blog per week.
  • Fri  Fashion Friday, featuring great sales , etsy or ebay finds, or an outfit of the week.
  • Sat 
  • Sun  Probably will combine the weekend posts once the spring sets in and we get busy on the weekend. Will be random posts, garage sale finds, party planning etc.

Giveaways  and Reviews will be posted at least one new one a week (I am hoping) leading up to a Spring Fling in May, and Ana's Going to be Three (July).

Phew. Sounds good. Now If I can just stick to it.  I hope to. So what do you think? Am I missing anything?  Happy Spring and Happy Organization.

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