Saturday, March 16, 2013

A fitness contest for motivation??

Dear Readers,
 I have been throwing around the idea to host a fitness contest in my area.  Last year, I participated in a Mommy Meltdown Fitness contest and lost 18 lbs, and I would love to inspire friends, family and others to do the same.  I think I am going to set it up the same way. Have a definitive amount of time. And then get a couple of sponsors to offer prizes to the winner! Or have a couple of winners, and a grand prize winner! I know the real prize is getting back into great shape, but in the meantime a little competition could do us all a bit of good.  I know I would like to lose 10-15 more lbs before squeezing back into a bathing suit. And 3 months would be all it takes. I plan on rejoining Stroller Strides for April, now that the weather is more mild and class will be back outside. What do you think? I think.....GOOD. Let's do this! I am setting it up today. No time like the present.

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