Friday, February 1, 2013

We have chosen Nursery School and I am so excited...

I am so excited to let you know that we have finally chosen a Nursery School for dear, sweet Ana.  We hemmed and hawed about the benefits of each school and type of teaching and finally I just followed my heart to....

Vassar! That is right, I am so super stoked that Anastasia has been accepted into the Wimpfheimer Nursery School at Vassar and I am through the moon. This school has the perfect blend of academics and play that is so necessary for a girl like Ana during her formative years.  Years ago, my sister attended the same school and she loved it.  I am sure some has changed in those years, but for the better. The school facility and classrooms are amazing, everything has been created with small stature and hands in mind. And, just let me tell you about  the outdoor space. A-mazing. Several different playgrounds with all kinds of creative space and climbing, and slides and just wonderful for the little ones. When D and I took the tour , we were impressed with the student/teacher ratio, the open play , the very quiet and studiously controlled classroom that was learning science, and that it is a Lab school with up to date , current students of education and child psychology helping out in the classroom. That perfect blend of well-educated older teachers with experience and the bright-eyed , bushy-tailed brand new student who is excited to put his/her learning to use in a hands-on experience with children.

 Also during our tour, Ana was invited to play in one of the classrooms with the students, and she took to the space right away. She comfortably played in the smooth textured cornstarch with all kinds of manipulatives in it. She shared the toys with the other boys and girls and loved climbing in the playhouse, and building with the blocks. Right away, she left our side and started playing without a care. There was no separation anxiety at all and she did not seem to mind us not being active with her, and just observing.  I have a feeling that Mama may have more anxiety than Ana when it comes to those first days of school in September.

 I know that she will love school, love the artsy side, and the learning side. Learn how to line up, use her words, communicate and socialize with others. I am just so thrilled and tickled pink that my little girl is growing up and soon will be on her own (at least for a few hours every other day) to have fun.

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