Monday, February 4, 2013

Review : Emmy Rossum Sentimental Journey

Hello Dear Readers:
  Upon receiving the cd of Emmy Rossum : Sentimental Journey, I popped it into the stereo and prepared for the journey. I am somewhat familiar with Emmy's personal journey and her work in "The Phantom of the Opera" but I had no idea how she would handle classic songs such as "Sentimental Journey", "I'm Looking over a Four Leaf Clover" and the like.

 Her voice is pleasant and light. Fun and playful.  Not too deep, not operatic,  a pleasant departure from her usual work. Ana and I enjoyed it very much over our breakfast. For me, it evoked memories of my grandparents and the type of music they used to enjoy playing in the car, dancing to, and reminiscing.  I miss my grandparents so, and was close to them. So, yes. This was a sentimental journey for me. I really enjoyed listening with Ana, and introducing her to songs that have been a part of my musical life for a long time. I want her to be exposed to all kinds of music and have a deep appreciation for the history of music.  Autumn Leaves was another standout for us.  We had a great time listening together, and I recommend this soothing album for you too. Take the journey with us.

Here is a little less sentimental info:   

  • Sentimental Journey, releasing on January 29th, is a collection of classic covers that takes us through the American Songbook.
  • On Sentimental Journey, the multi-talented actress and singer brings her stellar voice to songs popularized by some of the most beloved artists of the last century.
  • Emmy's 12-song 'passion project' is an emotional musical journey, with each song representing a month in the year.
  • "Each song needed to either lyrically or emotionally reflect the corresponding month," Emmy explained. "Some songs were obvious fits, like Summer Wind for June, and Pretty Paper for December. Others songs were less literal fits. I chose Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out) for September because, to me, the plaintive melody and lyric emotionally reflect the cold weather creeping in and the sense of melancholy we can get in the fall months."
  • Rossum is also an acclaimed actress who currently stars in the Showtime series Shameless with William H. Macy. She also stars alongside Emma Thompson and Viola Davis in the upcoming feature film Beautiful Creatures, which hits theaters on February 13th.

I have not yet seen Shameless, but it has been recommended to me several times and it is on my short list.  A few years ago, during the first Fashion Night Out in NYC, I worked on a promotion alongside Emmy for a new game called . Fashion Rules. She was sweet and seemed down to earth.

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