Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ladida, Beautiful Boutique Clothing for Boys and Girls

Anastasia, my little Fashionista.
   Hello Dear Readers:
  I love shopping for Ana. Lately, I have been checking out fabulous sites online for cute, stylish clothing for her. She is in her girly phase and loves ruffles, anything with tulle (she calls it a tutu no matter what) and pinks and purples. I tend to go for anything striped, blacks and whites, gray, and leopard. Between the two of use, Ana has a HUGE wardrobe and I am always looking for more.

 So you can imagine how pleased I was when I found  the site Ladida for delicious clothes for girls and designer boys clothing.  Ladida sells some of my favorite designers: 3 Pommes  Max and Lola, Eliane et Lena and for adorable clothes for boys: Anais and I . Check out a few of my favorite things:
3 Pommes: Grey Bow Tunic

Max and Lola Eyelet Dress
and the very pretty:
Cute dress from Eliane et Lena
See what I mean about the black and white and stripes. Cute, huh? So stylish and non babyish. Love it! Ana would look adorbs in that.  Check out Ladida at the following links and let me know what you would buy! :

Ladida Official Site
Ladida on Facebook
Ladida on Twitter

**This is a sponsored post, however the opinions within are my own.

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