Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Week in Review: Bday Party and Wedding Celebration

Dear Readers-
  Phew, I am tired just thinking about the past week. We had a whirlwind of excitement and fun and it is nice to have a nice, quiet, peaceful Monday to ourselves.

I did not get everything I wanted to get done around the house, but I started and well, that is something.  We had a great weekend with a Pull-Ups Party here at the house, a fun birthday party for one of Ana's best friends, and a wedding celebration for my brother-in-law who just tied the knot.  I am counting down the days until our vacation to Florida now that the weather is cold and we have snow on the ground with more on the way.  It will be nice to stay right on the ocean, and wake up with a run on the sand. (More on that soon).

 As for this blog, I would like to incorporate some kind of weekly week in review posts with photos (since I take about 5000 a week, lol)I will try this starting Sunday, and see how it goes. For now, here are a few photos from this past week, and weekend. Have a great week!

I played around with my camera and some black velvet fabric we bought!

For some reason the photo loader is not working on blogger right now. The photos will be added at a later date, when I can get them loaded :)

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