Monday, January 7, 2013

Sticking to my Resolution of Organization: Craft room tackle

craft before
 Hello dear readers:
    So the time has come to put my words into actions and get organized.  I took the first steps for the craft room and  picked out a lovely gray color,bought the paint and started buying storage cubes and  little canvas baskets for the shelves in gray and yellow.

Today, Ana and I will be taking everything we can move (excepting some bigger furniture) out of the room, and  I will paint!! Then, I have to build the storage shelves (how hard can that be) and start organizing the crafts by type. Scrapbook, ribbon, stickers, glues, and paints. It will be fun!  Then, I can unpack the sewing machine , get that set up and start making Ana cute skirts and dresses and ruffled pants!

Also, I had an inspired idea to turn the third wall into a pseudo photo studio . I will put up some fabric or canvas backgrounds and take Ana's posed photos there. My photos are as good as JC Penney for sure, and I like to collect cute small furniture for her. Just think of all the delicious photos I can capture if I set this up. The craft room is nice and bright and the natural light will be gorgeous.

As for my closets, they are pretty hopeless right now. I have my clothes spread out in three rooms and three different closets. One is mostly sweaters and jeans. The closet in my bedroom is mostly black leggings and my daily wear. And the craft room closet is shoes , purses and nighttime wear/gowns.

I am purging and cleaning out my closet daily and will have a nice big pile of clothing to sell in the spring. Then, whatever doesn't sell I will donate to a shelter, or woman's home. I really want someone to use it.

I started the clothing by organizing my jeans and thought surely I must have 20 pairs of jeans, this is ridiculous.  Oh no, I don't have 20 pairs of jeans...I have  42 pairs of jeans, and that is totally ridiculous... SO it is time to purge, clean out and move on.

Taking this first step feels good. I am ready to clean up this room!
Stay healthy and warm,

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