Friday, January 4, 2013

Sickness is getting me down....

new year
Hello Dear Readers:
  I have to admit this cold is a baddy. She knocked me out around the Holiday dinner on the 23rd and is stilll lingering. She infected my nasal passages, got into my sinuses and took me down for the count. Along the way I had a fever, lost my voice,  a hacky cough, sounded like a froggy, and slept, a lot. Today, although my head still feels cottony, I can sit up and feel like I can do  a few things around the house. Already this morning I had one tragedy averted. I noticed that the goldfish Dorothy's water looked lower and sure enough there was a long thin crack along the bottom of the bowl that had been leaking since we changed the water. So my ipad was sitting in a puddle, and everything around the bowl was soaked. Thankfully I keep the ipad in a big , cushy cover that soaked up the water, and it seems to be unaffected.  I got Dorothy a smaller bowl (for some reason I have 2) and moved her into that one until I can get out and buy a bigger bowl or tank.

  Ana must be bored out of her skull with her mama being out of commission so long. But I have brought her down some crafts, opened the costume wardrobe and she has been crafting and tutuing all week.  This weekend will be a fun filled one for her, so hopefully she will forgive and forget.  In the meantime., I am slightly behind in my video reviews (I have at least 2 to do) and written ones too. I do have a new ambassadorship to announce so look for that post soon!

Stay well , stay healthy and stay away from the


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