Sunday, January 27, 2013

Searching for Nursery School...Montessori?Or?

 Finally this busy week has come to a close and although we got a lot done around the house, I am no closer to making a decision about Nursery School/Pre School.  I guess that I shouldn't complain, as some people have little or no options. Here, there are a bunch of different options and it looks like we have narrowed it down to three local schools. Two of the schools teach the Montessori Method, and the third is located on the Vassar College Campus and is considered a Lab School. All three are not cheap by any standards, but they will allow Ana to thrive, learn to be an organized student and will be challenging in curriculum.

  D and I have been talking it over, and we cannot make a clear cut decision. There are some great benefits to all three, and Ana would probably be comfortable and thrive at any place we choose. We might just choose two and flip a coin. Yikes!

Here are the three choices , links and all.

1. Wimpfheimer at Vassar  This is where my sister went to school and she loved it. I like that it is all contained in one very beautiful building, and that the student/teacher ratio is so small. Also, that the students work with the teachers and learn through a Lab.  Vassar is a very good school, and their students would be up to date with the philosophy and psychology behind early childhood learning. They would have the latest exercises for Ana, and would help her to thrive in an early intellectual setting. Plus, the playground kicks butt.

 2. Hawk Meadow Montessori  I am really impressed with the organization of the classrooms, the integration of all of the Montessori tools and manipulatives, and the pets. I love the size of the rooms, how insular they feel, and that in Montessori each child goes at his/her pace. Ana would thrive in this type of classroom, and having tried some of the manipulatives, I know she would challenge herself. I like the space, but the school is located in an office building, and the playground is quite a walk away through a parking lot, and no great shakes.  Does it matter really since Ana will be going for half days at first?

3. The Nurtury Montessori  Again , a Montessori program. This school is located in an older , converted house . This is very cool. It is a series of rooms with all of the Montessori manipulatives, a reading loft, and cute, small tables. I like the location and outside play area here better. And, also like that they have Spanish and Music Together, which Ana has been attending since she was crawling. Also, they have Yoga.  Cool!

How do we choose? I know it is soooo important for these formative years, 3 and 4 to make the right choice. Ana is advanced with language, writing, and building and I know that Montessori would help her learn to read, write and thrive. But then, when she goes to public school for All Day Kindergarten, would she bored if too far ahead?

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