Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have you seen the new blog design? Thanks to Kelly Stahley Designs

Hello sweet readers:

  I am so excited about my fresh , clean new blogger design. Isn't it gorge? Simple, elegant and sooo easy to read.  And it is all thanks to Kelly Stahley Designs. Kelly was amazing to work with. Professional, quick and she even installed it for me. Kelly made it easy, and designed my signature, as well as my header, that I love. Really I am just so pleased with the final results.  I am in a big gray/yellow phase and love love love the simplicity.
 Kelly has a fantastic blog as well, check it out:

Blart Blog
Kelly Stahley Designs
Kelly on FB

SO do you like the new design??   What would you do differently or what would you design??

Stay well and stay warm. We are expecting snow here tonight..brrrrrr

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