Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and 2013 Resolutions

Here is  that proverbial 2013 post. The one that I feel a bit silly writing up. But once it is out there for the world to see then I have to stick to it, right?  This year my Resolutions will be serious and career advancing. I plan on going "back to work" and also making this blog a bigger and better place to be.

   First of all, I am planning a blog makeover for early 2013. Something simple and clean, pretty but easy to read. I am trying not to cover it in ads and commercials, but still monetize it a bit in a clean way.  So without further ado:

1. In 2013, I will set up a home recording studio and start auditioning and recording commercial spots, voiceovers and voice narration.

2. I will clean out , paint. organize and make pretty my craft room. I will finally take the sewing machine out of its box and learn how to make Ana cute swingy skirts, pretty A line dresses and fun costume-y things to wear.

3. I will lose that stubborn last 10 lbs of baby weight. I have maintained the loss from the summer and with a gym membership and Stroller Strides in the spring I will get back to that 4 !!

4. I will clean out, organize, purge etc my closet from my 20s and living in NYC. How many LBDs and pairs of stilettos does an almost 40ish Mama need??

5. I will organize all of the thousands of photos I have taken since Ana was born and make nice photo books for us/her.

That is pretty much eat. I am eating healthier than ever . I workout and keep Ana active with activities and music.  I just need to get back into acting and keeping busy beyond my daughter's social circles.

So here is to a Happy, Healthy , Fun filled and Fantastic 2013. I for one am excited about it!!


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