Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ana's Modeling Adventures - Shooting for a Calendar

In Grand Central Station 1/11/13 on our way to the shoot.
Hello dear readers-

A few of you know that  when Ana was a baby, she was a baby model. When she was really young, we did a couple of modeling shoots and then we signed with Expecting Models in NYC. We worked with them and had a few go-sees and callbacks but ultimately I decided it was not worth the 4 hour commute (2 hours each way)  to sit in a room of cranky babies and then get typed out (which happened most of the time).


 She did have success with some of the better designers (as opposed to diapers and the like) so I know that she appeals to more of the designer aesthetic , and now that she is heading towards 3 I am thinking of getting her back into it, but more on the acting end. She loves to dance and sing (like her mama) is petite and has long legs, and is super cute. Although blonde hair and blue eyes is not "the look" of the moment, she would probably be more successful in the commercial and film worlds. I am waiting to see if she would be interested and for better weather (for the commute). This spring I will send some photos out and see if there is any interest.

Yesterday we headed to NYC to shoot with Classic Kids Photography on the Upper East Side for a baby calendar in conjunction with NY Mom's World.  The shoot was semi-successful. It started with us going through our bags of tutus, accessories and cute shoes. Ana was fine until I changed her diaper and started choosing things for her to wear. Then she had a total 2 year old moment. One of the first times. She started crying and told me she wanted to go home. She would not sit for the camera and was very unhappy.  I had her on my lap and the wonderful photographer calmed her down and started shooting. Before long, Ana was singing, smiling and laughing and even stood up for a few cute shots. I am hoping there were enough happy shots to choose from.

 This experience showed me how quickly her emotions can change, and that I should not count on her 100% angelic behaviour during a shoot. I am hoping that this is just a once in a blue moon kind of emotional outburst, that terrible 2 moment that I have read so much about.  She is just such a good girl most of the time, that it really surprised me and seemed to come out of nowhere.

So what is next? I will wait to see the photos online on the 19th and then we will go from there. The calendar will be made and as soon as they are for sale, I will let you know. I am very sure they are going to be super adorable. I cannot wait to see them. As for her modeling career, I think we will wait until spring and make a decision then.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe and warm!

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