Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A letter to my daughter as she turns 2 1/2...

  Dear Anastasia:
    Every day I look at you and am astonished how grown up you have become. Your eyes are full of wonder and excitement and your heart is full of love for all creatures big and small. You are an adorable bundle of energy who whizzes around the house in tutus and trails of tulle, tiaras and princess dresses, though you love to jump in puddles, play in the mud and climb up the slide backwards. You are that lovely combination of tomboy and prissy princess. A spitfire in the making. Big voice, little body, your personality fills the room and your giggle makes me warm inside.

 I am astonished how many words you have managed to learn in your first 2 and a half years of life. You speak so well , so often and SO LOUDLY, and you make me proud with your lust for learning and fascination with letters, numbers, shapes and wanting to read. I love that you say most everything correctly, but the words and phrases that you do not say properly are super cute: un-puter for your computer, un-mote for the remote. Rice Kripies without the S. There are so many, and I try to capture them all, but I am too busy enjoying you in the moment.


  I love crafting with you, watching you paint, color and  play with playdough.  Though you do not have much interest in baking right now, I know that in time, that will parlay into cookie making, muffin baking, dessert decorating.

 I am fascinated by your palate. I know adults who are less willing to try new foods, and who eat worse than you, a toddler.  I love that every time we pass our favorite sushi place, you scream out "Sushi" and when we go in, the servers and sushi chefs all know you and say hello. You love edamame, miso soup, have tried the squid salad and even like sushi rolls (though mostly for the seaweed and rice). You have tried so many unusual foods with your mama and I love that we share crudite and salads, and that you love fruit.

 Your sense of fashion astounds me. You have a natural knack for putting things together, whether through color or style, and I love that you are so stubborn that you have to dress yourself , even if it takes longer and frustrates you.  You love your tutu skirts and dresses so much that you have a whole drawer full of them and wear one almost every day (with black leggings or jeans underneath, naturally).

 I hope that you always have this lust for learning, this brightness in your eyes and such happiness of spirit. I know that our shared love of music, and clothes will lend itself nicely to bonding shopping trips and that ooh and ahh of pleasure when discovering that special designer bargain. (when you are a teenager).

 You love to dance and play music constantly, we are going to try gymnastics this week and I hope that whatever you enjoy, that you keep trying new things, keep striving to challenge yourself . May you always have a sense of adventure and a carefree and blithe spirit.

I know that I am not perfect, no mother is. But I try to give you a fulfilling and happy life, and shield you from the awful world out there. I know that you do not live in a bubble and soon enough you will be heading to preschool, interacting with other children and learning things that are beyond my control. All I can teach you is how to be the best human you can be. Kind. Sweet. Fair. Smart and Patient. May your sense of empathy for others serve you well. May your sweet face, beautiful hair and giggly personable spirit attract only those who will love you back , and may you find the best of friends to experience growing up with.

Your Daddy and I look forward to watching you grow and learn as you heard towards 3. We love you with all of our hearts and will love you to the end of days. You are the best daughter we could ever wish for. I love you Ana Lee.

Your Mommy.


Fee Roberts said...

Your daughter is so beautiful, and your words brought tears to my eyes. I can feel your love for her in those words. =D

The OT Toolbox said...

Beautiful letter! What a little sweetie she is!!

Unknown said...

I'm crying like a baby! This was such a sweet letter. I hope I can write letters to my kids (whenever I can have them. My biological clock is ticking lol).