Thursday, December 6, 2012

Personality of a Toddler...or what Ana is like (with video)

Hello Dear Readers:
   I am often asked by friends and fans what Ana is like. She is very sweet in photos, and is certainly a smiling, adorable toddler. But what is her personality like? Well, she is not that easy to analyze and seems to adapt well to any situation.

She definitely can be outgoing and is fun-loving. She loves to be the center of attention at home and in music class, spinning around, singing every chance she can get, dancing and attempting gymnastics. She is empathetic to tears, and cries of pain, or coughing and will get you a cup of her water if you seem to have trouble speaking or a tissue when you sneeze.

But, she can also be shy, and sweetly quiet in the corner. Thoughtful and wise beyond her two and almost a half years, she thinks before she speaks and says the cutest things.

She loved to dress up, loves dancing and music and all three combined. After breakfast and before we get ready for the day, she usually does a little something like this:

And she makes me laugh. We giggle like schoolgirls all day long. Usually at something like this:

Most of all and best of all Ana is loving. And sweet. And loves her Mama and Dada and her doggies. She is a good spirit full of love and learning. I am learning more and more how to be patient and kind and find the beauty in the little things because of her. She is teaching me love.

I will have more posts like this soon. I need to tell you everything... it feels good to brag, and gloat and love and cherish and adore...

Stay well,

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