Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Gave in to the Sickies....Happy New Year to me..

Joining in after D and sweet Ana who still has a racking dry cough every once in a while, 2 days ago I gave in to the Sickies.  Yesterday Daddy was home with Ana, so I slept as much as I could, had homemade turkey soup, a grilled cheese and then back to bed.  I slept 12 hours!! Today we are heading to the dr in a bit, and then resting. Not getting much done, including some new reviews and blog posts but am trying to get better in time for  the New Years Eve Party!! Happy New Year if I do not get on tomorrow..Stay safe, warm and Have a wonderful night with your friends, family or whomever you celebrate with,


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Unknown said...

I hope you and every feel better! This is definitely the season for being under the weather.