Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cleaning up, Donating and Feeling Good...

   Dear Readers:
    It has been that kind of month. Clean it out. Throw it out. Freecycle It. Donate it. Get rid of it. Just clean it up. Our basement was filled with boxes from moving.

 Over two years ago.

And so..it was time to really clean things out and move on with life. We went through each box and separated them into: Throw out. Donate. Freecycle and Craigslist/Sell. I am happy to say most items were sorted into Donate and Freecycle and have left the building. We found the local Children's home for toys/baby items and donated all the rest : clothing, household goods, decorative items to The Barn in Pleasant Valley. I freecycled a bunch of decorative and useful items as well. And now, I just cleaned up this Blog. I cleaned out old sponsored posts. Old Giveaways. Posts that were not helping me in any way and since I just found out how to change links to no follow links, it saved me a lot of time. So if my post links look smaller than they have in the past, that is why. It is time to shape up and ship out, clean it out and move on and it feels great.

 Now it is time to go shopping and um...buy more???


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