Saturday, December 15, 2012

As a Mom, my heart hurts, my eyes are swollen,and I weep.

  I weep and weep for the innocence that was lost yesterday in Newtown. I cannot stop reading about it, watching the news and dwelling on the young victims. I put Ana in every situation and I weep. I spent several hours crying yesterday in pain just thinking how senseless it all was.

I am not going to make this post about gun control, though I am definitely for stricter laws and more psychological testing that should be updated regularly for owners of guns.

This is about pain and healing. How to heal through all of this pain.  I do not live far from this area where the shooting massacre occured. I moved back to the Hudson Valley to give Ana a safe place to grow up. For peace, solitude, safety and the beauty of mother nature. I feel like a little piece of me was lost yesterday as I know feel that no place is safe and that the peace has been broken.

I know that I cannot put Ana in a bubble, but I CAN teach her how to react to a sudden, violent situation, how to avoid strangers, what to do when that little voice in your head says DANGER, and leave or get out! Follow it.

I weep for all of those parents, and their pain. I wish I could hug them all and tell them that there will be peace eventually. But i cannot. All I can do is hug Ana , kiss her tiny , sweet smelling head and protect her the best way I can. Through knowledge, and love.  And hope that that is enough.

I send the best of eveything out there today...we need good thoughts, and love circulating around the universe. 

Hug your child. Hug your neighbor. Show patience to those who make you impatient. Show love to those who might anger you.  Appreciate your family and friends.

And lets remember the reason we are here. To love. To live. To  explore the world and to love it.



galpinstudios said...

So well said. I hurt like you and a nation weeps for these families as we can not understand why anyone would do this to anyone especially to children. The adults that lost their lives are heroes to the little angels in heaven.

Laura said...

Very nicely said. Amen.

Ashley T said...

Great post and very well said. My son is in kindergarten so it hit home with me.

Unknown said...

Sometimes there are just no words to say how we feel. This is one of them, but you've put it into words very nicely. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm following your blog form Bloggy Moms.

Unknown said...

I'm just so hurt by what's happened, and it's true sometimes, you just can't put into words what you feel. It's hard to understand how any of this can happen, especially to such small children.

2justByou said...

Your post is so heart warming. I don't even want to imagine what the town of Newtown is going through. It's so sad that such violence exists. Thanks for a great post.

ATLanta Saving Moms said...

This was such a sad tragedy for all of those children and their families. Thanks for a great post. :)