Monday, December 10, 2012

Ana's First NYC Play: Snow White by Galli Theatre

ice cream
A sundae at Andrew's
  Yesterday my Mom and I took Ana on the train down the Hudson River to see her first NYC play: Snow White presented by the Galli Theatre. It was such a great experience and a wonderful, tiring day. Although the train ride is a bit long for an active 2 year old, my Mom brought Hello Kitty stickers, a book and some special trail mix to keep Ana busy. And of course, I packed her plenty of snacks, her ipad chock full of fun games, videos and educational apps and a few secret weapons (i.e Yogurt covered raisins).

 When we got to "The City" , as we call it, we found it was gray and raining out so our plans to wander around and look at store windows, and window shop was not really feasible. Nevertheless, we headed west past the NY Library, and Bryant Square Park and over to the 30s to find a child friendly place to eat.  We settled on a NYC diner chain, &lt ;Andrew's Coffee Shop  which I knew had fun comfort food and Ana and I shared split pea soup , a small mushroom pizza and an ice cream sundae. Thankfully, she is a pretty good eater, and I can find something for Ana to eat anywhere we go. She loves fresh veggies, and ended up eating some of her G'ma's salad as well.

After lunch, we headed to the small, cute Galli Theatre space. It was clean and spacious, and we were seated right near the front where Ana could see everything. The set was very simple, and childish, and the stage was small, but for the three character actors who rotated through the story of Snow White, it was big enough. Ana seemed to enjoy the interactive part of the play, and although she was too shy and little to get up on stage with the other kids and dance, she loved the fun story and kept asking us "what is going to happen?" in a dramatic little voice. It was cute!

 The show was about an hour long, perfect timing for a short attention span, and for about 98% of it, Ana sat still and watched wide-eyed and attentive. I am looking forward to taking her to more plays and theatrical presentations (puppets, dance etc).  I knew she loved music, and she is really getting into dancing, but now I know she will sit still enough to enjoy a show.

After the play , we walked through Bryant Square Park, where we stopped to watch the ice skaters, and window shopped the vendors with their wares. We stopped in one of my fave feminine stores near Grand Central and picked up some stocking stuffers as well.  Right before we got on the train back home, Ana picked out a cookie and we were set for the 2 hour ride home.  Exhausted after a long day, Miss Ana fell asleep about 5 minutes into the 20 minute ride back from the station, and she went right to bed, with just a cookie for dinner when we got home.

Today was our last Toddler Time class before the Holidays, so we are taking a quiet day at home to blog, catch up on emails, take some photos for reviews, read Hanukkah books and finish decorating the trees.

Have a great week and check back soon for a great giveaway for Chloe Perfume coming up this week,

Stay well and warm.


Dawn said...

How fun! I have always wanted to see a play in NYC. What a fabulous play to see :) One of these days I'll eventually get to NYC!

Dawn from
And, coming soon... "Celebrate The Bump!"

ATLanta Saving Moms said...

I can that was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing another great post. :)

Cat said...

What an adventure! As a former theater major I really wish I could get my kids out there to see a more shows (or participate in them) - sounds like you had a good time!

Thanks for sponsoring with me :)

vickie marks allbright said...

how awesome i would love to see a play in nyc