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Review: The Abbey Road Sessions by Kylie Minogue #AbbeyRoadSessions

 Hello Dear Readers:

  I received an early copy of the newest cd from Kylie Minogue, The Abbey Road Sessions. I brought it into the car and Ana and I have been listening to it during our daily drives and road trips. This album is a slight diversion for Kylie as it is stripped of the high-end pop production and concentrates more on her clear, distinct vocals. 

   Right away, through the first few songs, I noticed the difference. Clear vocals, sweet lyrics and poppy riffs complement : "All the Lovers", "On a Night Like This" and "Better the Devil You Know".By far our favorite song right now is: "Can't Get you out of My Head".  Fun, with a great beat and easy to sing along too, this is a great rendition of this song.  We also love "The Locomotion" (of course) as it is so fun to dance around, be silly and have fun with. Ana loves this song especially.


What you need to know about Kylie:

   The Abbey Road Sessions features sixteen tracks, all radically reworked, spanning Kylie’s incredible twenty-five-year career. It was recorded in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios with Kylie’s band and a full orchestra. The album features many of Kylie’s best-known hits and previously unreleased tracks. Over all sixteen tracks, one thing becomes very clear—stripped of her high-end pop production, the emotional resonance of Kylie’s songs has never been clearer, and her voice has never sounded better.

Check out her video for Flower


The Abbey Road Sessions Track Listing:

1. All The Lovers

2. On A Night Like This

3. Better The Devil You Know

4. Hand On Your Heart
5. I Believe In You
6. Come Into My World
7. Finer Feelings
8. Confide In Me
9. Slow
10. The Locomotion
11. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
12. Where The Wild Roses Grow
13. Flower
14. I Should Be So Lucky
15. Love At First Sight
16. Never Too Late

And most importantly (and this I didn't know):  

 Kylie is a breast cancer survivor and donates her time to American Cancer Society, as well as amFAR for AIDS research. Kylie’s latest single “Flower” is a song she wrote several years ago following her battle with breast cancer, to the child she wishes she might one day still have. I think that is so beautiful , and it gives me a renewed sense of respect for her. I am definitely reexamining her place in pop music. 

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 Kylie will appear on Dancing With The Stars on November 13th and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on November 14th to perform “The Locomotion.” I know I will be watching!

   *** I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.***

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