Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giveaway and Review: Pure Health Products! Lose weight naturally.

Hello kind readers:
No photoshopping has been used for any of my before and afters, these photos are true to size and shape!
  As many of you know I have been working out, eating healthy and taking supplements to lose weight. Since this summer I have maintained an 18 lb loss and will be working on the last 12 lbs to my goal this winter. I am currently wearing my size 6s and am looking forward to my 4s once again gracing my body with their presence (fingers crossed). 

From a 10/12 to a 6 , my jeans are now 28s!
Here are some photos comparing my body and its changes over the last few months. My stomach has lost its poofiness and flattened. My waist has gotten smaller and my legs tighter. My arms feel a lot stronger and I have much more endurance for running, planks and jumping jacks/sumos etc.  My too tight jeans are now baggy and no longer fit and my tight tshirt looks much better (with a great pushup bra too).

My jeans are baggy now! They fall down to my hips.

 I have not been on this journey alone. I have had the love and support of my husband and family.  The encouragement and support of an amazing group of women in my local Stroller Strides group.And I have been lucky to try new supplements to help with my appetite and metabolism. Pure Health sent me a wonderful selection of their products to try out and I loved using them just in time for my October 20th High School Reunion. I tried the:

1. Green Coffee:
2. Raspberry Ketone
3. Saffron
4. Resveratrol

After using this great group of products, I felt refreshed and light, and ready to work out and lose more weight. I will definitely continue to try supplements on my healthy journey. I feel great and they have helped me to curb my appetite and rev up my energy.

I am so excited to offer one of my readers the chance to try out the amazing Resveratrol for himself/herself. Check out the Pure Health Website for all of the info on this and their other amazing products.


Reveratrol  is not only a great source of anti-oxidants. it is has been shown to reduce weight and may even increase muscle endurance.  Try to win a bottle for yourself in the easy Rafflecopter form below.

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*** Pure Health sent me  complimentary products to test while eating a healthy diet and exercising. My opinion is but my own*** 


cakes said...

I can't wait to hear more about this fantastic product. Your results are amazing!

Eiramenna said...

Would like to checkt these products out!

Kathy said...

I am very interested in this product and keeping in touch, I can not drink coffee because of the caffeine , I hope I could try this:)
Kathleen Quinlan

Kathy said...
This is where I posted a comment on Noxicare.

Unknown said...

Give up that soda, even if it's diet! Water is the best thing for you.

/\Heather/\ said...

My tip: If you are being held accountable by someone or something, you'll do better with your goal. My 'thing' is a fitbit, and I can't hide my cookies from the website. Be truthful to yourself and to your accountability.

bbrittbrat1398 said...

Being healthy and living long to raise my kids.

Anonymous said...

Tip: Decaf coffee can help with hunger cravings.

channallocks said...

drink as much water as you can

D.Dove said...

What motivates me is I am finally enjoying my life... I really want to be around as long as possible! I started out weighing nearly 300 pounds 3 months ago and a weigh in yesterday measured me at 258, by my own efforts. These supplements would help me so so much!!

Charlene S. said...

Music motivates me. I like to listen to my ipod while taking my daily walk.

Unknown said...

My motivation to losing weight is knowing in the long run I will be healthier!

Unknown said...

My weight loss tip is to use the buddy system! My buddy motivates me!
Rachel Ellis on Rafflecopter

/\Heather/\ said...

Posted comment here: