Monday, November 26, 2012

Catching up....

Hello Dear Readers:
  Phew, I do not know why but whenever we have a family holiday, I feel as if I get far behind in daily life. I have so much to write about but so little time to write it, so this is going to be a quick game of catch up.

  Ana and I have been busy with play dates and our Music Together class, but she is so active now and seems to be so into dancing and flipping and tumbling that I am going to enroll her in some sort of gymnastics or dance class. I know that she cannot start formal ballet dance classes until she is 3, but in the meantime she can learn to tumble, jump and handstand (or headstand as she is wont to do) the right way. We are fortunate to live in a small town with a big gymnastics school and at least three schools of dance. So, we will definitely find something that matches her activity level and ability.  Also, we recently signed up for Toddler time at our local library and she has been enjoying coloring, crafting, doing puzzles and listening to stories.

We have had quite a bit of grandparents time which is so nice for Ana, she is really lucky with all three sets living in NY and within driving distance. We are staying at my Mom's tonight as I have an event in NYC tomorrow and Ana will be staying and playing with my Mom.

I cannot believe my little baby girl is almost 2 and half years old and speaking in full paragraphs. She is such a talker, a mile a minute and says the cutest things. Plus,she loves to sing. I will share with you some of her songs soon. I need to record them.

There will be a lot of photos coming soon too as the winter rolls in and we have a bunch of holiday events and activities. I am so excited to bring Ana to her first play in NYC and to take her to see the winter holiday windows at the big department stores.  Lots of fun coming up. But for now, I need sleep and rest.

Stay warm and have fun,

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