Sunday, October 21, 2012


I admit I am somewhat obsessed with shows about death, forensics, true crime and the like. And you may think I am a bit morbid. And maybe I am. But, it still intrigues me.  The criminal mind. The art of profiling. And following all the clues, adding in the science and solving the crime. Lately there have been some higher profile crimes in my area. And, the more I read about random (and not random crimes) the more I think I should start making videos or writing letters to Ana. She is only 2. If I were to die tomorrow in a car crash, or be a random target of a criminal having a bad day,she would be left motherless. She would have random memories of our time together but no real reference for how I feel about her, or how I would love for her to grow up. So , I am embarking on a project that you will probably think is a bit silly, or dark, or  I dont know what. I am going to make Ana videos with or without letters on how to be a good girl. And let her know how much I love her and tell her all about our time together. So that if something were to happen, she would be able to watch and know just how much she is loved. By me. Her proud and slightly morbid mama.

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Melissa said...

I am always fascinated by crime shows, but once I hear about anything in the real world, I am immediately freaked out.

<3 Melissa