Monday, October 29, 2012

Batten down the Hatches....Sandy is upon us

Hello Dear Readers:
  The fury of Sandy is upon us and we are right in her angry path. We are as ready as we can be.  The generator is in the garage and all hooked up. We have lots of flashlights and candles everywhere. The fridge is half empty of ready to eat foods and not a lot that will go bad quickly. I am baking goodies right now and then it is bath time for everyone. We have the dishes washing and clothes in the washer and everything that was outside is now in the basement.  I am hoping that Sandy is hyped up and we do not get hit as hard as they say. I would love to be disappointed. In the meantime we have the tv running Sesame Street episodes for Ana, Mama is getting her internet fix and Daddy is hooking up the grill in the garage to make food for later. We are ready. Come on and bring it. Storm Sandy! And, if we cannot get on the next few days: Happy Halloween!!!

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Courtney B said...

halloween is so fun for kids! love it!