Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Potty Break...through!

My sweet Ana , almost 27 months ,with her new haircut!
   Dear Readers:

 I am not one of those moms with unrealistic expectations of my child. Though Ana was quick to talk, and her vocabulary skills are advanced, physically she is small and she walked right on time. So I am never sure if she is way ahead, somewhat ahead or just a little ahead with milestones.

   One of the biggest milestones for Ana is getting her fully potty trained. But, from everything I have read I know not to push the issue and let her figure it out on her own terms. We have two cute potties : one upstairs and one downstairs. We have books about the potty and have been watching Elmo's Potty Video all this week.

   I offer for Ana to sit on her little pink potty all of the time, and sometimes she will sit, and sometimes she could care less. But today. Today was amazing.

   Duncan got her dinner ready and I came into the kitchen to watch her eat and chat and right in the middle of her dinner she turned to me and said:" Mama. I want to go on the potty" Just like that. No suggestions. No potty talk. Just came right out and asked. With food still on her fork.
So I whisked her into the nearest bathroom...sat her down....and she went! Right there and then. She was so surprised to hear her potty say "YAY" and applause. And, of course I made a BIG BIG deal about it. So that she will do it again, tomorrow.  Cross fingers.  My baby is growing up.  And, I am one proud mama :)

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Kristi Wolff said...

We are in the midst of potty training our almost 2 year old. I have no expectations that it will happen soon. We have let him lead us on the whole adventure but I sure can't wait for the fun to be over!