Thursday, October 18, 2012

20th High School Reunion : 20 years is a loooong time!

Hello dear Readers:
 Well it is time. My 20th Reunion is upon me and I am ready.  I do not know how 20 years could go by so fast. I feel like I was just in high school. And then college. Yet, here I am approaching 40. With years of fun behind me. Being single in the city. Auditions, Touring, Hoboken. Meeting Duncan. A fairytale wedding. House #1. Beacon, NY. NYC. House #2 and then Ana. And now Everything is for Ana.
The wine is just a prop to show off the hot gold nails!

  So it was tough to take any time away from Ana to get my hair cut and colored. Then my nails done.And then shopping for a dress. But it was worth it. They all came together for a hot outfit. If I do say so myself. I don't feel almost 40.
           Gold nails to match the leopard dress I chose ( I got the same for my pedicure)

    We took the sports car out to add to  the excitement of the night. D washed it too!

A lovely dinner at The Melting Pot, I don't think  I have eaten that much in a long time.

                             The kitchen sent me a little message in chocolate. How sweet!

And then we were off to the Hotel. Where I got so busy talking I forgot to take out my camera and shoot.   Soooo...Here are photos I stole off of Facebook.

Me and Hot Mama Buffy-Nicole


   I still feel like that starry eyed 20 something with the world at her feet and everything ahead of her. And so, imagine a 20 year reunion in which I still feel like the bubbly, high energy silly redheaded diva. Drama Queen.
  Yet, my feet, my poor feet..they were most definitely not still stuck in time. Nor was my energy level after an amazing 4 course meal with D, a quick change into a tight leopard Michael Kors faux wrap dress, some reasonable Jimmy Choos and a 3 hour open bar. Um. In which I imbibed with one, count it one, chocolately martini.  Delish. But I did not want to pay for it the next day. So I had one. Just one.


And then hit a night spot for an after party and dancing. Loved it. But felt tired around 1 am. Not 2. Certainly not closing down the club at 3.

 Had a blast catching up with old friends. Got to talk with some new ones. Wish I had more time to talk with more people and unfortunately was talking so much I forgot to take photos. So, I am at the mercy of the few that others have posted online.  So here they are. And here is how i look . 20 years later. 18 lbs lighter than last spring. 30 lbs more than high school. Give or take.

I had fun. I look forward to the 25th. And hope that Ana can come with me too.

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Eiramenna said...

You looked amazing that night!!! Love the nails and makeup! Had so much fun dancing with you ;>)!