Monday, October 29, 2012

Batten down the Hatches....Sandy is upon us

Hello Dear Readers:
  The fury of Sandy is upon us and we are right in her angry path. We are as ready as we can be.  The generator is in the garage and all hooked up. We have lots of flashlights and candles everywhere. The fridge is half empty of ready to eat foods and not a lot that will go bad quickly. I am baking goodies right now and then it is bath time for everyone. We have the dishes washing and clothes in the washer and everything that was outside is now in the basement.  I am hoping that Sandy is hyped up and we do not get hit as hard as they say. I would love to be disappointed. In the meantime we have the tv running Sesame Street episodes for Ana, Mama is getting her internet fix and Daddy is hooking up the grill in the garage to make food for later. We are ready. Come on and bring it. Storm Sandy! And, if we cannot get on the next few days: Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Potty Break...through!

My sweet Ana , almost 27 months ,with her new haircut!
   Dear Readers:

 I am not one of those moms with unrealistic expectations of my child. Though Ana was quick to talk, and her vocabulary skills are advanced, physically she is small and she walked right on time. So I am never sure if she is way ahead, somewhat ahead or just a little ahead with milestones.

   One of the biggest milestones for Ana is getting her fully potty trained. But, from everything I have read I know not to push the issue and let her figure it out on her own terms. We have two cute potties : one upstairs and one downstairs. We have books about the potty and have been watching Elmo's Potty Video all this week.

   I offer for Ana to sit on her little pink potty all of the time, and sometimes she will sit, and sometimes she could care less. But today. Today was amazing.

   Duncan got her dinner ready and I came into the kitchen to watch her eat and chat and right in the middle of her dinner she turned to me and said:" Mama. I want to go on the potty" Just like that. No suggestions. No potty talk. Just came right out and asked. With food still on her fork.
So I whisked her into the nearest bathroom...sat her down....and she went! Right there and then. She was so surprised to hear her potty say "YAY" and applause. And, of course I made a BIG BIG deal about it. So that she will do it again, tomorrow.  Cross fingers.  My baby is growing up.  And, I am one proud mama :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainy Day /Sickie , so what do we do??

Dear readers:
   We are home on a rainy day and Ana has the cold that I am just about finished with. We cannot really go anywhere or even run around our yard like yesterday , so we have to get creative inside. We will finish our witch hat and use our new markers for some projects and of course I will window shop online, day dream about my craft room makeover and getting my bedroom painted and pin, etsy and look for good deals.

Stay dry,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Giveaway and Review 2 $25 to Carter's Watch the Wear online!!!



  Dear readers:
   Ana is  2 and like most toddlers she is active, fun-loving and playful. She has more than enough energy to spare and most days we have to spend a couple of hours outside playing (or inside at the play center in bad weather). We have a big beautiful play-set, a cute sandbox and lots of outside toys to keep her interest.

As for her clothes, I do not worry too much about her being rough and tumble because I don't spend a lot on her outside and play clothes.

One of my go to brands for cute, durable clothes is Carters! I love Carters , they are cute and fashionable , and are made to last.

Recently, Carters  watch the wear offered me the chance to review the Watch the Wear line and I am super excited to offer you the chance to win a gift card so you can try it out too! Actually 2 of you! I have 2 $25 virtual gift cards to offer up to you today.  Check out the site and let me know what you would choose??  I chose this adorable striped fucshia and grey outfit.  I love stripes and it is so well made that it fits Ana perfectly. She is a little peanut, and usually I have to buy a smaller size. Or buy smaller pants than the shirt. But, in this case the entire 24 months outfit fit at the same time! (Isnt it cute??)  Ana especially loves the rhinestones along the top. And Mama likes the durablility and ease of washing.  Wash and wear. What is better than that for a sporty 2 year old??

She is tough on clothes but looks so cute when playing in her Carters!!
  Enter to win a giftcard for easy online shopping at the Rafflecopter below . Make sure you sign up for Carter's Watch the Wear emails so you can find out about all the daily deals and sales too!! Sign up HERE!!!

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*** I was sent an adorable outfit for review but was not compensated for this review. I am an affiliate for Carter's Watch the Wear and if you click through the button, I will be compensated by Google Adsense.  Thanks for entering*** 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I admit I am somewhat obsessed with shows about death, forensics, true crime and the like. And you may think I am a bit morbid. And maybe I am. But, it still intrigues me.  The criminal mind. The art of profiling. And following all the clues, adding in the science and solving the crime. Lately there have been some higher profile crimes in my area. And, the more I read about random (and not random crimes) the more I think I should start making videos or writing letters to Ana. She is only 2. If I were to die tomorrow in a car crash, or be a random target of a criminal having a bad day,she would be left motherless. She would have random memories of our time together but no real reference for how I feel about her, or how I would love for her to grow up. So , I am embarking on a project that you will probably think is a bit silly, or dark, or  I dont know what. I am going to make Ana videos with or without letters on how to be a good girl. And let her know how much I love her and tell her all about our time together. So that if something were to happen, she would be able to watch and know just how much she is loved. By me. Her proud and slightly morbid mama.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Mia Mariu Makeup

Hello kind readers-

  I have a wonderful giveaway and review from Mia Mariu makeup to share with you. I chose some fun,colorful products from Mia Mariu in pretty colors that you can win  and try too!



PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Cream Concealer Vainilla

 I wear this under my eyes and smooth it into any blemish or reddish spots on my skin before I powder my face and it works great. 

From MM: " Oil-free high intensity Mineral Concealer effectively covers imperfections like dark spots, discoloration and blemishes for a perfect and even tone. Developed using a high level of color pigments to create translucency and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Perfectly balanced to match your skin tone perfectly without ash tones or a chalky look. Can be used to camouflage rosacea and even severe pigmentation. Contains Vitamin A, C and E (1.9 g)."



I love this color, bright and pretty but light on the eyelids. Mineral shadow goes on smooth and light.

 "Made with pure minerals and luxurious color pigments, thin silky formula provides long lasting coverage while gliding on softly and easily. Build color intensity and blend effortlessly. Apply as an eye shadow with our Multipurpose Brush No. 15, use the Petite Brush No. 18 to highlight your accents. Use wet to create your own custom liner, using our Precision Eyeliner Brush No. 25 (.9 g)"

Mineral Blush Corazón de Melón 

 I absolutely adore this blush. I have a tough time finding a color and product that is not too dark on my pale skin and this blush is so pretty  and gives my cheeks a rosy glow!   

"Made with pure natural minerals from the earth and combined with optimum color pigments, our silky vitamin-enriched Mineral Blush sweeps over cheek bones to create a luminous glow. Contains Vitamin A, C and E. Use with White Tip Blushing Brush No. 35 (2.6 g)."



Luminous Lip Gloss Tentación

 I love this color and wish that I got to try it, but the box was mislabeled and I was sent a very light pink instead. Not my cup of tea, but also pretty.

" Sparkling shine in a vitamin rich hydrating formula gives your lips an irresistible look. Contains Vitamin A, C and E to nourish your lips."


"Mia Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out. Each unique product fuses nature and technology by combining the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides. The result is healthy products that provide a perfect balance that reflects itself through youthful, healthy, beautiful, glowing skin and renewed energy and vitality, at an exceptional value. Mia offers natural skin care, professional makeup artist quality mineral cosmetics and brushes to Reveal Your Unique Shade of Beauty!"

Rafflecopter will load here:

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**I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

20th High School Reunion : 20 years is a loooong time!

Hello dear Readers:
 Well it is time. My 20th Reunion is upon me and I am ready.  I do not know how 20 years could go by so fast. I feel like I was just in high school. And then college. Yet, here I am approaching 40. With years of fun behind me. Being single in the city. Auditions, Touring, Hoboken. Meeting Duncan. A fairytale wedding. House #1. Beacon, NY. NYC. House #2 and then Ana. And now Everything is for Ana.
The wine is just a prop to show off the hot gold nails!

  So it was tough to take any time away from Ana to get my hair cut and colored. Then my nails done.And then shopping for a dress. But it was worth it. They all came together for a hot outfit. If I do say so myself. I don't feel almost 40.
           Gold nails to match the leopard dress I chose ( I got the same for my pedicure)

    We took the sports car out to add to  the excitement of the night. D washed it too!

A lovely dinner at The Melting Pot, I don't think  I have eaten that much in a long time.

                             The kitchen sent me a little message in chocolate. How sweet!

And then we were off to the Hotel. Where I got so busy talking I forgot to take out my camera and shoot.   Soooo...Here are photos I stole off of Facebook.

Me and Hot Mama Buffy-Nicole


   I still feel like that starry eyed 20 something with the world at her feet and everything ahead of her. And so, imagine a 20 year reunion in which I still feel like the bubbly, high energy silly redheaded diva. Drama Queen.
  Yet, my feet, my poor feet..they were most definitely not still stuck in time. Nor was my energy level after an amazing 4 course meal with D, a quick change into a tight leopard Michael Kors faux wrap dress, some reasonable Jimmy Choos and a 3 hour open bar. Um. In which I imbibed with one, count it one, chocolately martini.  Delish. But I did not want to pay for it the next day. So I had one. Just one.


And then hit a night spot for an after party and dancing. Loved it. But felt tired around 1 am. Not 2. Certainly not closing down the club at 3.

 Had a blast catching up with old friends. Got to talk with some new ones. Wish I had more time to talk with more people and unfortunately was talking so much I forgot to take photos. So, I am at the mercy of the few that others have posted online.  So here they are. And here is how i look . 20 years later. 18 lbs lighter than last spring. 30 lbs more than high school. Give or take.

I had fun. I look forward to the 25th. And hope that Ana can come with me too.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The big reveal, is just about here.

oooh la la
Well, this is it folks. My 20th high school reunion is tomorrow and I have worked out and eaten healthy since June preparing for it.  Was I successful? I will be doing the big reveal on Sunday or Monday when I can get the photos uploaded.  I feel healthy and happy and am ready to see some people I have not seen in 20 years, yikes!!

I have lots of reviews coming soon too: sunglasses, makeup (with a giveaway), snacks, the Cleava, this blog is about to get busier!

I cannot wait. See you next week!!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Be Green Sale and Yard Sales

Hello faithful readers,
 I am so sorry to be away so long, but we are out and about enjoying Fall in the beautiful Hudson Valley and have not had a lot of time to blog, or even sit down at the computer.  This is one of my favorite times of the year to enjoy the outdoors and I am in double time to lose more weight for my 20th reunion on October 13th.  So, I have been Stroller Striding, walking and having outdoor fun with Ana. Also, we had to get over 30 items tagged and ready for the Be Green Sale this past week. We made over $300 before their cut, so I could not be happier to clean out the baby stuff.

 This weekend we are holding our own yard sale, so once again I will be outside. But there will be plenty of time to catch up with posts and photo projects come winter , and the cold of the snow and ice.

In the meantime, I have 13 lbs to lose until my goal and pre-baby, post -Revabs body but I am already fitting into my goal jeans and now have new ones! Skinny Jeans!!

Photos to follow soon.  That reunion is looming!!