Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Makeover Month for Mama!

Well, the time is here. I have lost 16 lbs and counting, and am ready for the last 30 days before my 20th high school reunion. I have a wonderful month of makeover days coming up as I am working towards my 30 lb weight-loss goal. I have signed up for a month of Stroller strides (and will be signing up for October too), and have been going to class 3x a week. I am not sure it is enough to continue the weight loss success that I have had so far, so I am adding a couple more things to my roster that should help: weight loss supplements and food changes.

       I am so excited to tell you all about the supplements in my All Natural Fat Burning Bag O'
 Tricks from Pure Health that I started today.



There are 4 supplements. The first is:

1. Green Coffee: Easy Weight Loss, No Diet. (In a recent clinical study, participants lost 17 lbs and 16% body fat without changing their diet and without exercise).

    The second:

2. Raspberry Ketone: Metabolize, Energize and Melt Fat Away. Suck the fat right out of your fat cells and let your boosted metabolism burn it away , studies suggest raspberry ketones can melt away fat when combined with exercise.

3. Saffron: Stop the Snack Attack and Boost your Mood.  New research shows that saffron decreased  the urge to snack by 55% and it helped decrease the feelings of hunger and the desire for sugar by up to 78%.
     And lastly:

4. Resveratrol Stunt Fat Cell Growth! Recent studies at Purdue University suggest that this same anti-aging compound found in red wine could keep fat cells from maturing.

As for food choices I am going to be pretty strict. No ice cream and not a lot of cheating. Mostly fruits, veggies and proteins. Less snacking, regardless of the snack.

And  coming up I will be testing a new teeth whitening product, showing off a new dress from Shabby Apple, getting my hair done, testing out a new nail product and working out, working it out. Phew. So lets go...and get this party started!!


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