Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giveaway: Quick Giveaway for Milk Unleashed

 I just received a cool opportunity to give away some Milk Unleashed to my lucky readers!  What is this Milk Unleashed movement? Check out the cool app below for snacks and activities, a fun quiz and tips! Want more info? Check out this great Yahoo article about single sized shelf stable milk for you and your family.   From the article:

"Thanks to Tetra Pak cartons, milk has officially been unleashed! With milk packaged in the same shelf safe cartons as juice boxes and not requiring refrigeration until they are opened, Moms can take milk to the beach, the park, sporting events and picnics - anytime, anywhere. It is the same nutrient-rich Grade A fluid milk - but packaged for convenience.

How is this possible? The milk is flash-heated at higher temperatures (ultra-pasteurization) to eliminate bacteria and then put into Tetra Pak shelf safe cartons, which protect the milk from air, light and other contaminants. Shelf safe milk, the most popular way to drink milk in Europe and many countries around world, provides milk on the go, since it stays safe on the shelf without preservatives until it is ready to chill and drink. "Excited yet? And do not forget to enter in the rafflecopter form below to win your own Milk Unleashed pack. Milk Unleashed wants to give you and your family four cartons of shelf safe milk (white and chocolate).  This giveaway will end at midnight September 18, 2012, and is open to US residents only.

Rafflecopter (wait for it to load):

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Cookie tasting!

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