Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple Picking at Barton Orchards, Poughquag NY

Hello dear readers:
  I LOVE Fall, Autumn, September, everything about it! The leaves changing, the crisp cool air, and of course the warm fuzzy sweaters (I have a lot of them). Today we had a couple of hours to explore a local apple orchard (thanks, Barton Orchards) and it was so much fun to pick a bag while it was relatively empty. It was a quiet and a beautiful, cool September afternoon.

Photos tell it best. (and there are a lot more fall activities coming soon)
I cannot resist the cute farm animals, especially the babies.




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We had a great time, and got a big bag of apples, now off to make: Apple Butter, Apple Brown Betty, and other delish apple recipes.  Yum!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giveaway: Quick Giveaway for Milk Unleashed

 I just received a cool opportunity to give away some Milk Unleashed to my lucky readers!  What is this Milk Unleashed movement? Check out the cool app below for snacks and activities, a fun quiz and tips! Want more info? Check out this great Yahoo article about single sized shelf stable milk for you and your family.   From the article:

"Thanks to Tetra Pak cartons, milk has officially been unleashed! With milk packaged in the same shelf safe cartons as juice boxes and not requiring refrigeration until they are opened, Moms can take milk to the beach, the park, sporting events and picnics - anytime, anywhere. It is the same nutrient-rich Grade A fluid milk - but packaged for convenience.

How is this possible? The milk is flash-heated at higher temperatures (ultra-pasteurization) to eliminate bacteria and then put into Tetra Pak shelf safe cartons, which protect the milk from air, light and other contaminants. Shelf safe milk, the most popular way to drink milk in Europe and many countries around world, provides milk on the go, since it stays safe on the shelf without preservatives until it is ready to chill and drink. "Excited yet? And do not forget to enter in the rafflecopter form below to win your own Milk Unleashed pack. Milk Unleashed wants to give you and your family four cartons of shelf safe milk (white and chocolate).  This giveaway will end at midnight September 18, 2012, and is open to US residents only.

Rafflecopter (wait for it to load):

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Makeover Month for Mama!

Well, the time is here. I have lost 16 lbs and counting, and am ready for the last 30 days before my 20th high school reunion. I have a wonderful month of makeover days coming up as I am working towards my 30 lb weight-loss goal. I have signed up for a month of Stroller strides (and will be signing up for October too), and have been going to class 3x a week. I am not sure it is enough to continue the weight loss success that I have had so far, so I am adding a couple more things to my roster that should help: weight loss supplements and food changes.

       I am so excited to tell you all about the supplements in my All Natural Fat Burning Bag O'
 Tricks from Pure Health that I started today.



There are 4 supplements. The first is:

1. Green Coffee: Easy Weight Loss, No Diet. (In a recent clinical study, participants lost 17 lbs and 16% body fat without changing their diet and without exercise).

    The second:

2. Raspberry Ketone: Metabolize, Energize and Melt Fat Away. Suck the fat right out of your fat cells and let your boosted metabolism burn it away , studies suggest raspberry ketones can melt away fat when combined with exercise.

3. Saffron: Stop the Snack Attack and Boost your Mood.  New research shows that saffron decreased  the urge to snack by 55% and it helped decrease the feelings of hunger and the desire for sugar by up to 78%.
     And lastly:

4. Resveratrol Stunt Fat Cell Growth! Recent studies at Purdue University suggest that this same anti-aging compound found in red wine could keep fat cells from maturing.

As for food choices I am going to be pretty strict. No ice cream and not a lot of cheating. Mostly fruits, veggies and proteins. Less snacking, regardless of the snack.

And  coming up I will be testing a new teeth whitening product, showing off a new dress from Shabby Apple, getting my hair done, testing out a new nail product and working out, working it out. Phew. So lets go...and get this party started!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Covergirl and Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation & Powder #imabzzagent


I have been testing out the new Covergirl and Olay Tone Rehab 2-n-1 Foundation and Powder through Bzzagent, and love how smooth they are! Sometimes when I try a new foundation it makes my skin feel cakey or look over made-up, but not in this case. The Foundation is super smooth and light, and goes on so easily. It is not greasy. The powder is light, and does not stick in the fine lines of my face. Overall, I am very pleased with its appearance.

Check out my video review:

I have a couple more bzzagent reviews coming soon :) I have received this from bzzagent for free, but my opinion is my own and I was not paid for this review. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our vacation in photos (part 3)

This is the conclusion of our vacation in Myrtle Beach, I took a lot of photos :)  Next up, photos from our 10th Anniversary in Long Island on the North Fork.





Mama and Ana Myrtle Beach 2012

Until next time.  XOXO from Myrtle Beach 

 The Lees :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: The Conclusion

  Mommy Meltdown has concluded and I wish I had some good news for you. But the news is this, the Little Bloom who was sponsoring the contest, has closed up shop so there will be no winner, no makeover. However, I feel like I won. I found a wonderful way to lose weight, have fun and met a great group of women.

 Altogether, I lost about 16 lbs, and will be putting up my after photos soon, despite the fact that I am not done losing weight. I still want to lose about 14 lbs for the Fall, and I will do it!!

In the meantime, I feel stronger and feel great. I am in my jeans again and have half of a wardrobe open to me (my 8s fit great). However, I really want to fit in my 4s and I will get there, even if it takes more time.

I have about a month and a half until my 20 year reunion so I will be working out, eating well until then and trying to lose as much as I can in that short time.

Stay tuned for my "After" photos :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting away for our 10th Anniversary...

  We are about to embark on another adventure here in the Lee household. For the first time since she was born, we are leaving Ana with G'ma and G'pa and going away for a couple of nights to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  I cannot wait.  We booked a special rate through, and have a champagne picnic included.  We are heading out to the North Fork of Long Island (across from the Hamptons) to wine country for some rest and relaxation (and some good food).

We are staying at the : Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast  . It is beautiful :)

I love antiques and pretty, girly decor so this room really appealed to me. I am sure it will be so pretty in person. This room faces the Sound for the sunset too..dreamy!

We do have outside plans to rent bikes and ride on a wine tour, but if it rains I do have a backup plan. Shopping and going to see a movie ofcourse! I have not seen a movie in the theatre since before Ana was born! Way too long!!

I am sure I will take plenty of photos but just hope to relax and sleep in.

See you in a bit :) Happy Labor Day Weekend!