Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review:The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment.

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  Hi Dear Readers:
  I have been studying and using Tarot cards since I was a teenager, but I admit I put them away for a while when I moved and had not opened the box until recently. I was lucky to receive a copy of The True Nature of Tarot by Diane Wing and have been reading it on and off again this summer. It is a wonderful guide into understanding and setting up basic Tarot settings as well as more complicated settings. Also, it takes you on a journey through all of the cards; their meaning and interpretation.

 I decided the best way to review this great book was to use it as a guide for myself as I set up a basic reading. I am at a crossroads with my career, becoming a full time mommy late in life. And I need some guidance on what to do with film, and voice over.  So I mixed my cards with thoughts of working and energy towards my career and then, using the book, set up a basic read:

 The photo came out sideways (not sure why). The sun card (le soleil) should be on the lower right corner of the set up.

   Using the book, The True Nature of Tarot, this is my interpretation of my minor Arcana cards ; The Fool (Le Mat) and The Sun (Le Soleil).   Page 31, or the chapter about The Fool tells me " that as I begin my new path and stand on the edge of my cliff, I should ready myself to take a leap of faith. I should have faith in trust in what is coming up next for me in life.  This card represents innocence, optimism and new potential. "

  Just how I feel when considering my path for my career and my life as I head towards 40.

 The chapter about the Sun represents "renewed energy and motivation towards goals. It symbolizes the bright prospects that are before me, or a fresh start".

Both parts of the reading were so spot on, and exactly how I was feeling, Diane Wing really caught the essence of a true tarot reading.  Her chapters are easy to read, and interpret. Along with each card, there is a beautiful illustration and key words to focus on.  I found this book super easy to read through and use as my guide. It was well-written and not too wordy to read. It is a wonderful guide for the first time card reader or the more learned reader.  Diane makes it fun to read about tarot and her wisdom and background as a tarot reader for over 25 years shows through.

The True Nature of Tarot is available for you at:

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** I received a copy of this book for review , but the opinions within are my own***


vvolkman said...

Thanks for your insightful words on Diane Wing's book, we really appreciate how you put it to practical use! We could not hope for more and thank you again for your recommendations.

Victor R. Volkman,
Marvelous Spirit Press

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I never knew what the meaning of the tarot cards were. Maybe i should check out that book. Thanks again for your insight.