Friday, August 24, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Delta Labs Products!!

  As most of my readers know I have been on a journey to lose weight since June and it is going well. As of this week, I am down 16 lbs and counting. I eat healthy, exercise regularly and am using a wonderful natural cleansing formula from Delta Labs called Detox.

I take one Detox pill at night every other day (You can take up to two pills a day) and it keeps me regular and stops the bloating.  It helps with my digestion, and I hope it is helping me to burn more calories! I do intend to do a master cleanse in late September, but in the meantime the Detox pills are helping cleanse me too! I really feel like they work wonders, and the ingredients are all natural herbs  and ingredients such as : Barberry, Rhubarb, Senna and Garlic.  Would you like to try Detox for yourself?

I have an exciting giveaway sponsored by Delta Labs. A bundle of three of their amazing products:


1. Detox:
 a gentle cleanse designed to help improve digestion.


2. Acai Plus:
     An all natural vitality supplement that combines the power of nature's best super food, the Brazilian Acai berry, with invigorating Green Tea and other all natural immune supporting super foods.



3. Green Tea Plus:

Green Tea Plus combines the proven potency of seven natural weight loss aids, including two of the most highly tested energy boosters ever - green tea and acai berry - into a unique formulation to help support your weight-loss goals!

   This is an amazing bundle of products and Delta Labs uses the highest quality ingredients for their supplements.I also really love the creator Debbie Morgan's personal story: Debbie Morgan. I like her mission statement and what is behind this woman led company.

They also  have a wonderful Blog: Delta Labs Blog  with more info about their products.  They are a NY based company (GO NY!!) and their mission is:

 "to develop the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive line of women’s health and wellness formulas founded on scientific research. We’re committed to helping every woman feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life, and strive daily to provide unsurpassed customer care to help every woman achieve her best."

Sounds fantastic right? They have  a new fan in me for life. I feel great now that I take Detox with a healthy diet.

Want to feel great too? Enter at the Rafflecopter Below and you could win a bundle of goodies from Debbie and Delta Labs!! 

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athena.d said...

the Green Tea Plus! its like everything i need right now!!!!

BethElderton said...

The Detox is probably where I need to start
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

I so need to Detox

Allyson Bossie said...

The acia is probably for me
allyson dot bossie at gmail dot com

Mudpiesandtiaras said...

I love the Green Tea Plus!

Unknown said...

Definitely the Detox!

Start To Finish Supplies said...

I am excited to try the Greet Tea pills. I have heard good things about green tea.

katie at coverbutton dot net

Marti Tabora said...

I'm looking forward to trying the Detox.

Groove Salad said...

Oh my goodness, I need them all! But I really want to try the Green Tea Plus! :)

Hoa said...

I want to try the Green Tea Plus.