Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: Detox from Delta Labs is helping me.

  It has been a hard week around here with Ana turning 2 , 3 birthday celebrations, countless desserts and treats and candy up the wazoo.  Still, I am maintaining between a 13-14 lb loss which is ok. and I plan on losing the rest the next couple of months. I fit in my 8s and am looking forward to my 6s soon enough.  I have managed to avoid the cupcakes, tried a little scoop of ice cream, but mostly have been eating fresh fruit and once in a while a 100 calorie pack for my snack.  Although we have been home with a stomach virus, I plan on heading back to Stroller Strides tomorrow and going both Friday and Saturday to class.  Then I am on my own for a couple of weeks , but plan to run on the beach, use the resort gym and take long walks with Ana. Not bad , right?

 Also to help me with my metabolism, I have been taking these wonderful Detox pills from Delta Labs.  Debbie Morgan from Delta labs sent me the natural Detox to try and I will be hosting a giveaway too! I have been using them for about a month , and they seem to work wonderfully. I feel regular and my metabolism seems to be working fine as I am losing about 1/2 to 1 lb a week, most weeks. I take the pill at dinner time and by the morning, I feel clean and ready to run and workout. So far no side effects.  They work!!

I will be updating while on vacation soon, and am not sure of my internet situation, so I will be scheduling a few giveaways and reviews to go up whilst away. Enjoy the summer days and see you soon...Z

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