Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From NYC to Myrtle Beach, Vacation Day 1 and my Birthday!

Hello Dear Readers:
  With every year that I find myself getting older, boohoo, I really plan on making less and less of a deal out of birthday. This year Day 1 of our vacation coincided with my special day. We started out the day early, but were prepared by pre-packing, having printed out directions, booking the hotel shuttle/parking place and making Ana a goody bag with activities to keep her busy and quiet on our travels.
And of course, caffeine  for Mama and goodies for Ana for the road.

The drive down to the airport in NYC was longer than our actual flight to Myrtle Beach. Our flight was uneventful, and Ana was quite pleasant. She colored, read books, and chatted with her mama and daddy. Before we knew it , we had landed and were getting picked up by Grandma and Grandpa Lee.

A short drive later, we arrived at our resort and unpacked. (I always like to unpack right away, and put things away). Also, I took a photo of our view:


 Since it was my birthday, we celebrated in true Southern Style...Southern Food!  Now, I am trying to watch what I eat, since I am still in the middle of Mommy Meltdown and want to come back at the same or less weight than I left, so I did not eat anything fried, sweet or naughty. I did however have a big bowl full of steamed mussels and a side salad at Flo's Place.

Skipped dessert, but waiting for me back at our resort was homemade angel's food cake, strawberries and fat free cool whip!! My mother-in-law is so sweet!! We hung out, chatted, put Ana in and relaxed.  A few hours after travel, I was totally and completely relaxed.
Ana and Daddy outside the lazy river.

We had great conversation, but were pooped from traveling all day, so we called it an early night. So many more adventures waiting for us the rest of our vacation.

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