Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ana's 2nd Birthday: Blue Gingham and Ruby slippers for all.

 There are so many words that can describe my daughter. 

Beautiful. Smart. Energetic. Amazing.

As she turned 2 this past Tuesday the 31rst, I will  definitely be getting mushy in a follow up post.
But for now, here are some photos from her birthday party.


Our theme was Over the Rainbow, ruby slippers and blue gingham
Pizza and Juiceboxes.

Cake Pops rock!

 And here are some close ups of the decor, designed by me and the super talented E. Hernandez Designs. Emma designed the tags for the gift bags and the labels for the food. She really caught the colors and graphics well, I highly recommend her for your party!!Check out her blog for more ideas and cute free printables as well. She really did a fabulous job and I will be heading back to her design shop for our future parties!!
  I attached  the cute personalized tag with white ribbon to the hand painted initial red  gift bags. Inside was a book, tutu and a cute flower clippie. I tried to keep the plastic and candy out of it. Though it was hard!


    Adorable labels for all of the treats. These were for the red m and ms and the homemade chocolate cake balls/munchkins.

I was inspired for the theme of this party by a pair of ruby slippers that I found in Marshalls and picked up for a future Halloween. However, as Ana's 2nd party arrived, and the shoes fit. I wanted to make a party around them. I started collecting ruby slippers, anything red and festive and looked for blue gingham highlights.

I made the banner from gingham fabric, paper flower cut outs, and red sequins glued on!
The cupcakes had ruby slipper bookmarks as cupcake picks!
I hand glued the sequins on a red sprayed shoe. It started out white :)
Madame Alexander Dorothy Doll

Feel free to pin these photos for future ideas. I found a rainbow of fruit like
 this one and pinned it for myself ,



Emma said...

I love how everything turned out! Such a cute theme! Thanks for letting me be part of it all. Happy Birthday to your Ana! :)

Yazmin said...

Seriously, you're putting me to shame with my idea of a Dora/Elmo party. (Those are the two words Fi seems to say all the time. At one time, I was thinking of having a cake made of Dora wearing an Elmo costume...)

Seeing your party photos makes me think I shouldn't cop out so quickly. There has to be something just as cute and non-branded like my owls from our 1st birthday last year.

BTW, Ana looks adorable in that dress!