Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our vacation in photos (part 2)


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Review: Cleopatra's Choice Argan Oil

My crazy red hair!
Hello dear readers:
  For the past few years, my big beautiful head of hair has been dry, the curls have been lackluster and limp and the texture has been stiff and lifeless. A lot of it has to do with the well water that we have (hard water) and some of it has to do with all of the dye that my hair has been exposed to over the years. I have tried many products, some work well and some barely work. One thing is for sure, my hair is my pride and joy so I am always seeking the best way to keep it healthy and pretty.  I think I may have found it: Argan Oil!

I was super lucky to be able to try Argan Oil from Cleopatra's Choice!  It works so well and keeps my curls soft and supple. According to Cleopatra's Choice:

"This all-natural oil comes from the Argan tree and has been praised for the health benefits it can offer to moisturize dry skin and hair. Many individuals are surprised to discover just how many benefits there are while using this product. From conditioning dry hair and reducing frizzy hair to treating skin blemishes and blotches on the face, it has lovingly been called the Tree of Life."

I love how it fixes the frizz in my hair and separates the curls, and keeps them soft. I also love that it would treat blemishes, though I only used it on my hair.

"You can safely use this product to help prevent stretch marks and help add elasticity to the skin. The Argan trees are located in Morocco where individuals have realized the multiple benefits that this oil can provide for many different ailments.
Because it is organic, you can safely use it to moisturize and hydrate your skin and nails. It works wonders for the skin and hair as it softens and conditions very quickly. Because this oil can offer so many health benefits, it remains a much sought after product, even today."

My hair is no longer dry and limp!

Some benefits of this product include:
  • Improves condition of hair, reducing frizziness
  • Great for skin around the nails
  • Safely and effectively moisturizes dry skin
  • Safe for all skin types  
  •  I am so impressed with all of the benefits of Argan Oil and have just started using it on my nails too! Since it worked so well on my hair, I am pretty sure that my nails with look gorgeous in no time. Right now Cleopatra's Choice has their Argan Oil on sale!! And , they have free shipping with any order over $49.
I am such a big fan of this product it is going to go in my regular rotation of beauty products to keep my long hair moisturized and pretty.  Thanks Cleopatra's Choice!!

***I received this product to help facilitate the review, the opinions within are my own.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review:The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment.

Available at Barnes and Nobles
  Hi Dear Readers:
  I have been studying and using Tarot cards since I was a teenager, but I admit I put them away for a while when I moved and had not opened the box until recently. I was lucky to receive a copy of The True Nature of Tarot by Diane Wing and have been reading it on and off again this summer. It is a wonderful guide into understanding and setting up basic Tarot settings as well as more complicated settings. Also, it takes you on a journey through all of the cards; their meaning and interpretation.

 I decided the best way to review this great book was to use it as a guide for myself as I set up a basic reading. I am at a crossroads with my career, becoming a full time mommy late in life. And I need some guidance on what to do with film, and voice over.  So I mixed my cards with thoughts of working and energy towards my career and then, using the book, set up a basic read:

 The photo came out sideways (not sure why). The sun card (le soleil) should be on the lower right corner of the set up.

   Using the book, The True Nature of Tarot, this is my interpretation of my minor Arcana cards ; The Fool (Le Mat) and The Sun (Le Soleil).   Page 31, or the chapter about The Fool tells me " that as I begin my new path and stand on the edge of my cliff, I should ready myself to take a leap of faith. I should have faith in trust in what is coming up next for me in life.  This card represents innocence, optimism and new potential. "

  Just how I feel when considering my path for my career and my life as I head towards 40.

 The chapter about the Sun represents "renewed energy and motivation towards goals. It symbolizes the bright prospects that are before me, or a fresh start".

Both parts of the reading were so spot on, and exactly how I was feeling, Diane Wing really caught the essence of a true tarot reading.  Her chapters are easy to read, and interpret. Along with each card, there is a beautiful illustration and key words to focus on.  I found this book super easy to read through and use as my guide. It was well-written and not too wordy to read. It is a wonderful guide for the first time card reader or the more learned reader.  Diane makes it fun to read about tarot and her wisdom and background as a tarot reader for over 25 years shows through.

The True Nature of Tarot is available for you at:

Barnes and Nobles



** I received a copy of this book for review , but the opinions within are my own***

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our vacation in photos. (part 1)

Vacation in Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle Beach and all around MB, South Carolina and Calabash, North Carolina :


Friday, August 24, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Delta Labs Products!!

  As most of my readers know I have been on a journey to lose weight since June and it is going well. As of this week, I am down 16 lbs and counting. I eat healthy, exercise regularly and am using a wonderful natural cleansing formula from Delta Labs called Detox.

I take one Detox pill at night every other day (You can take up to two pills a day) and it keeps me regular and stops the bloating.  It helps with my digestion, and I hope it is helping me to burn more calories! I do intend to do a master cleanse in late September, but in the meantime the Detox pills are helping cleanse me too! I really feel like they work wonders, and the ingredients are all natural herbs  and ingredients such as : Barberry, Rhubarb, Senna and Garlic.  Would you like to try Detox for yourself?

I have an exciting giveaway sponsored by Delta Labs. A bundle of three of their amazing products:


1. Detox:
 a gentle cleanse designed to help improve digestion.


2. Acai Plus:
     An all natural vitality supplement that combines the power of nature's best super food, the Brazilian Acai berry, with invigorating Green Tea and other all natural immune supporting super foods.



3. Green Tea Plus:

Green Tea Plus combines the proven potency of seven natural weight loss aids, including two of the most highly tested energy boosters ever - green tea and acai berry - into a unique formulation to help support your weight-loss goals!

   This is an amazing bundle of products and Delta Labs uses the highest quality ingredients for their supplements.I also really love the creator Debbie Morgan's personal story: Debbie Morgan. I like her mission statement and what is behind this woman led company.

They also  have a wonderful Blog: Delta Labs Blog  with more info about their products.  They are a NY based company (GO NY!!) and their mission is:

 "to develop the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive line of women’s health and wellness formulas founded on scientific research. We’re committed to helping every woman feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life, and strive daily to provide unsurpassed customer care to help every woman achieve her best."

Sounds fantastic right? They have  a new fan in me for life. I feel great now that I take Detox with a healthy diet.

Want to feel great too? Enter at the Rafflecopter Below and you could win a bundle of goodies from Debbie and Delta Labs!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back home safely after a whirlwind of fun, sand, the pool and the ocean!!

Hello dear readers:

  I am finally home and back online. We had lots of fun the last two weeks, but there really is no place like home.  This morning I went back to Stroller Strides and this week (most likely Wed) I will be starting a stricter dieting regime to lose the last 15 lbs, now that the first 15 lbs are gone, baby, gone. I lost @ 1 lb while away, which is amazing as I ate some yummy stuff, ate in restaurants and did not work out every day. I did however, do a fair share of walking and some runs on the beach, as well as the treadmill.

I will be adding my new food plan later today....look for it and know that the last time I tried it I lost 6 lbs in the first week :)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Missing my Internet


I am currently on my 2nd week of vacation in Myrtle Beach and found out that I will not have internet connection this week. I am sad and feel like something is missing but so be it.

My updates, giveaways, reviews and photos will have to wait until I get back next Monday, a week from today. Until then, enjoy your August and the sunshine!!

XO  Zoe and Ana

Friday, August 10, 2012

Myrtle Beach Vacation Day 2 : Little Houses with Chimneys

Ana and Daddy
  Hello dear readers:
   Day 2 of vacation started like most days of my vacations. Totally relaxed. We have a nice suite with  a full kitchen, which will help me with healthy meal choices. I will try and eat both breakfast and lunch here to cut out extraneous calories.

  Yesterday, we went food shopping and bought all kinds of fruits and veggies to cut up and snack on by the pool and ocean. Snacking seems to be the challenge when  I am watching what I eat, since chips, cookies and other goodies are so readily available. I started the morning with a 4 mile fast walk. The reason I did not run, is because I had company (one of my in-laws friends) who is also staying in the resort. And, he did not want to run due to a knee injury. Still, miles is 4 miles and I was glad for the exercise and the company. And, the view is not bad either. The ocean is gorgeous here. The beach is clean, and the ocean is warm. What else could I ask for?

   Last night was a bit of a challenge since we went out for Southern Food, with a bent on fried everything. Luckily, there was one of my fave meals on the menu: A big bowl of steamed mussels. Yum. I ordered a side salad, which was short on veggies but at least it was lettuce. I allowed myself one piece of garlic bread and did not try the fried green tomatoes, alligator bites or any other apps that were ordered for the table.  I thought I did pretty well all things considered.

  Today, as I walk up and down the beach, and all over the resort I am reminded of an article I read in which Anna Wintour of Vogue is quoted as saying,:  "I'd just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses. And I just felt like there’s such an epidemic of obesity in the United States".

  I too see this problem. Everywhere I look in Myrtle Beach, people are morbidly obese. And it is not just the parents, it is their children too. Which, frankly makes me sad.  And to top it all off, these obese people are smoking. Little Houses with Chimneys. Sad.  What do we do about this problem? Should doctors intercede when children come in for their appointments 50 or 60 lbs overweight? Should teenagers be taught at school healthy habits before it is too late and they develop health problems?I am not sure. All I know is that it makes me sad to see overweight children. And parents. And parents smoking with overweight children, which as far as I am concerned is a death wish.  I am not going to go on a long diatribe here, after all  I am still on vacation. But, I do see this as an epidemic.

So back to day 2.  Walking, Swimming, Lounging. All good stuff. Veggies for lunch, and snacks. Fruit. Fresh fruit for Ana and Mama. Kiddie Pool, Big Pool, Ocean. All fun and tiring and great. Love to see Ana discover her fish side while swimming. She is not afraid of jumping into the water and loves to swim. I am so happy, since I grew up loving all things water.

Dinner: Hard to navigate while trying to lose weight in South Carolina. Everything is oversized, fried, all you can eat. I do not want to eat all, thank you very much. How about some? So we wound up at Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet. So , I just filled up on seafood. Steamed. Grilled and otherwise. Not fried, nor in any sauce. Lots of clams and crab. Yummy.

Had great conversation and beach observations and hit the hay for a full day and some beach photos in the a.m.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From NYC to Myrtle Beach, Vacation Day 1 and my Birthday!

Hello Dear Readers:
  With every year that I find myself getting older, boohoo, I really plan on making less and less of a deal out of birthday. This year Day 1 of our vacation coincided with my special day. We started out the day early, but were prepared by pre-packing, having printed out directions, booking the hotel shuttle/parking place and making Ana a goody bag with activities to keep her busy and quiet on our travels.
And of course, caffeine  for Mama and goodies for Ana for the road.

The drive down to the airport in NYC was longer than our actual flight to Myrtle Beach. Our flight was uneventful, and Ana was quite pleasant. She colored, read books, and chatted with her mama and daddy. Before we knew it , we had landed and were getting picked up by Grandma and Grandpa Lee.

A short drive later, we arrived at our resort and unpacked. (I always like to unpack right away, and put things away). Also, I took a photo of our view:


 Since it was my birthday, we celebrated in true Southern Style...Southern Food!  Now, I am trying to watch what I eat, since I am still in the middle of Mommy Meltdown and want to come back at the same or less weight than I left, so I did not eat anything fried, sweet or naughty. I did however have a big bowl full of steamed mussels and a side salad at Flo's Place.

Skipped dessert, but waiting for me back at our resort was homemade angel's food cake, strawberries and fat free cool whip!! My mother-in-law is so sweet!! We hung out, chatted, put Ana in and relaxed.  A few hours after travel, I was totally and completely relaxed.
Ana and Daddy outside the lazy river.

We had great conversation, but were pooped from traveling all day, so we called it an early night. So many more adventures waiting for us the rest of our vacation.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Diva Dangler Earring of the Month Club!


  Recently, I  received the prettiest, light chandelier earrings to try out from Diva Dangler.   They came in a cute leopard bag and are so much fun to wear, they pretty much go with everything. They are so lightweight, they do not pull on my ears at all.

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   The Earring of the Month Club by is the perfect way to send yourself or someone else a fabulous surprise each month. For only $9.95/month, they'll ship a gorgeous pair of earrings right to your home, office or dorm room. The Earring of the Month Club is a great way to stay up to date with the latest in earring fashion because the Divas at follow all of the latest trends. The Earring Club makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving for a birthday or the holidays. Parents, if you have a daughter in college, sign her up for the Earring of the Month Club and they'll send the earrings right to her dorm or apartment,so she'll be reminded that you're thinking of her month after month. There is no minimum number of months and you can cancel at any time. Also, they also have a 100% LOVE IT guarantee!


Use Code "FORANA" and you'll get free shipping for the life of the Club plus 2 months free! Order at or call 802-233-2431.

They are sooo pretty, and make a wonderful present.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: Detox from Delta Labs is helping me.

  It has been a hard week around here with Ana turning 2 , 3 birthday celebrations, countless desserts and treats and candy up the wazoo.  Still, I am maintaining between a 13-14 lb loss which is ok. and I plan on losing the rest the next couple of months. I fit in my 8s and am looking forward to my 6s soon enough.  I have managed to avoid the cupcakes, tried a little scoop of ice cream, but mostly have been eating fresh fruit and once in a while a 100 calorie pack for my snack.  Although we have been home with a stomach virus, I plan on heading back to Stroller Strides tomorrow and going both Friday and Saturday to class.  Then I am on my own for a couple of weeks , but plan to run on the beach, use the resort gym and take long walks with Ana. Not bad , right?

 Also to help me with my metabolism, I have been taking these wonderful Detox pills from Delta Labs.  Debbie Morgan from Delta labs sent me the natural Detox to try and I will be hosting a giveaway too! I have been using them for about a month , and they seem to work wonderfully. I feel regular and my metabolism seems to be working fine as I am losing about 1/2 to 1 lb a week, most weeks. I take the pill at dinner time and by the morning, I feel clean and ready to run and workout. So far no side effects.  They work!!

I will be updating while on vacation soon, and am not sure of my internet situation, so I will be scheduling a few giveaways and reviews to go up whilst away. Enjoy the summer days and see you soon...Z

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ana's 2nd Birthday: Blue Gingham and Ruby slippers for all.

 There are so many words that can describe my daughter. 

Beautiful. Smart. Energetic. Amazing.

As she turned 2 this past Tuesday the 31rst, I will  definitely be getting mushy in a follow up post.
But for now, here are some photos from her birthday party.


Our theme was Over the Rainbow, ruby slippers and blue gingham
Pizza and Juiceboxes.

Cake Pops rock!

 And here are some close ups of the decor, designed by me and the super talented E. Hernandez Designs. Emma designed the tags for the gift bags and the labels for the food. She really caught the colors and graphics well, I highly recommend her for your party!!Check out her blog for more ideas and cute free printables as well. She really did a fabulous job and I will be heading back to her design shop for our future parties!!
  I attached  the cute personalized tag with white ribbon to the hand painted initial red  gift bags. Inside was a book, tutu and a cute flower clippie. I tried to keep the plastic and candy out of it. Though it was hard!


    Adorable labels for all of the treats. These were for the red m and ms and the homemade chocolate cake balls/munchkins.

I was inspired for the theme of this party by a pair of ruby slippers that I found in Marshalls and picked up for a future Halloween. However, as Ana's 2nd party arrived, and the shoes fit. I wanted to make a party around them. I started collecting ruby slippers, anything red and festive and looked for blue gingham highlights.

I made the banner from gingham fabric, paper flower cut outs, and red sequins glued on!
The cupcakes had ruby slipper bookmarks as cupcake picks!
I hand glued the sequins on a red sprayed shoe. It started out white :)
Madame Alexander Dorothy Doll

Feel free to pin these photos for future ideas. I found a rainbow of fruit like
 this one and pinned it for myself ,