Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommy Meltdown. Meeting my goal and then some :)

Hello dear friends and readers:

   I am so excited to tell you that I have reached my June weight goal and then some. On Thursday, I had a fitness evaluation at Gold's Gym and they weighed me in (with my clothes on) and I was 150 even. Which puts me at -10 lbs . Also, they told me to consider my clothes 1 lb. So, today after running and swimming , I got on my scale and sure enough it was 149. something. So goodbye to the 50s and hello to the 40s and may I never see the 50 again :)

 In honor of that, I went bathing suit shopping. My current bathing suits are too big and since I am swimming so much and am hitting the beach in August, I really need a cute, basic black suit. I also found three cute cover ups and a new straw hat. I will be styling in August. Today it was hot, hot hot but I still went to class and worked out. I could not really do 100% right now, not sure why. But, will try my hardest tomorrow to put my all into it. :)  until then stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend!!

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