Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mommy Meltdown, a tiny setback and Daily Diet Monday

So as far as the Mommy Meltdown project goes I am slightly behind schedule and will need some catching up. My goal was :

First month: 10 lbs
Second month: 5 lbs
Third month  5 lbs

and then work on the 10 last lbs for the Fall.
My actual progress:

First month: 9lbs
 working on the 2nd month!

Having Ana get sick, set me back a tiny bit because I had to miss class on Saturday to take her to the dr. Then, Monday we had to skip class because she was diagnosed with Coxsackie, and I did not want her to give it to any of the other kids.  Then, Wed we do not have class because of the 4th. So I am a bit behind. But and this is a big but (pun intended)....

I did run by myself on Monday. And just took a really hard and lovely Pilates class today, Tuesday. So, I am not just sitting home watching tv, but I am taking my weight by the horns. I will get on the scale before the BBQ tomorrow and see if I am still on track. 

As for my daily diet. It is prety much the same as last week. Still no dairy, no bread after breakfast. A lot of salad and raw veggies, fresh fruit .

Monday Daily Diet:

 Egg white omelet with veggies and fresh herbs
Coffee/ lowfat soy milk

 Kashi /soy milk


Greek salad (veggies and dressing)

Roasted veggies , corn on the cob

Late snack:
 Pretzel Bites

Not too bad. I could do without the pretzels but my body craves salty at night. I try to stick to air popped popcorn, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Stay healthy and Happy 4th~!!!

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