Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mommy Meltdown Workout 8 and 9 and Daily Diet

Sorry I am slightly behind. What can I say , I have been out running around and having fun! Happy Weekend.  This is a bit of a catch up post from this past week, but I have so much good news! I stepped on the scale a bit worried after 2 meals out of the house yesterday, but I am down another pound!! Woohoo...I am down 7 lbs since I went on the "diet" and 6  since I was weighed in for Mommy Meltdown. Wooohoooo.  Of course the fact that we walked everywhere yesterday (garage sailing in the rain) in Beacon, and then I did a little dancing last night probably helped!  I am hoping that adding 2 gym workouts with arm weights will help too. I am adding in the gym for reals this week.

Friday and Saturday we were back to the park, after having to workout in the mall a couple of times due to the wet weather lately.   I really like working out outside and am starting to get used to the humidity. My lungs seem to be holding steady and my asthma has been under control even when running. I feel pretty healthy all in all.   Friday and Saturday we jogged laps, used the bands for resistance training and did some muscle confusion type exercises. Saturday it started raining halfway through the workout so we moved to the pavilion and used the picnic table for planks, and lunges. My legs are hurting a bit today, Sunday, which feels great!

I am going to make a separate page on here so you can follow this journey from the beginning, I even made a cute little button. Also, I will find a weight loss meter to let you know how far from my goal I am.

As for my daily diet, I seem to have that under control as well. Although the hard part for me is knowing what to eat when I am out at a restaurant or running errands all day. For example. I knew that I would be out for lunch AND dinner on Saturday, so I tried to eat a small breakfast and then salad with little on it for lunch. Then, I had a bigger salad for dinner. It worked out well.

Saturday Daily Diet:


Salad with cranberries, goat cheese,tomatoes, cucumbers, candied walnuts. Fork dipping into lemon vinagrette dressing at cafe in Beacon

 coffee with skim and cinnamon (yum)

 Salad of mesclun greens, grilled salmon, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions
Fork dipped into balsamic vin.

I skipped dessert, and instead stayed at the bar part of the restaurant and danced. It was fun. I felt young again.

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