Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mommy Meltdown, who needs milk anyway??

 After I wrote this,I braved the scale and I am down another lb...phew! Will update my weight chart later :)

Dear Readers:

  Moving ahead with Mommy Meltdown, I feel a bit discouraged because my weight is plateauing, I have not lost a lb or anything in at least a week. I have not gained wither, but I really want to move ahead and added 2 extra workouts last week. This week I am also going to add 2 gym workouts. One tonight, Tues and Thursday or Friday.  I missed my Monday morning class because we were hosting the monthly playdate. Now I am not hosting again until August, so I should not miss any more Mondays, which really get me off on the right foot.

As for the Daily Diet. I am still doing great. Sticking to it. My mom had some of my family over to her house and had quite a delicious spread : bagels, lox, quiche, danish, and other goodies. All I ate were the raw veggies and dip all afternoon and then fresh fruit salad for dessert. YUM.

 Yesterday, Monday I started a milk product free week or two to see how my allergies react. So far , so good . Though, I do not see any immediate differences.

Monday Daily Diet:


Egg white omelet with kale, mushrooms and fresh herbs
coffee with almond milk


Salad with grilled chicken, pineapple, pepper and cucumbers
balsamic on the side


 Fruit Salad


Steamed Cauliflower
Lean Cuisine Pizza (something made me want some cheese and bread, I figured this was the best option so I would not "Cheat"  )

Late Night: Some tiny pretzels

Not too bad without milk , and just now I realized I had cheese, oops. Maybe I am not cut out for not eating milk products. I like yogurt and cheese way too much. Just the way they are.

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