Friday, June 22, 2012

Mommy Meltdown Update, Daily Diet and Loco Scale situation...

Hey readers:
So I am moving ahead with my Mommy Meltdown Program, enduring great but tiring classes in this extreme 90s heat. The workout on Wednesday was really tough as it was the first in the 90s and the heat index had it over 100,phew! Today it was a bit cooler, but most of our exercises are done in the grass, in the shade avoiding the severe sun so it works out. We are doing mostly circuit training with the bands interspersed with running the track. I always feel so great after class is over, my clothes are totally soaked and I am tiiiirrrreeeed. As for my weight loss, it seems to be at a stand still at 8 lbs. It has not gone up, down, or much of anything and I have to figure out a way to kickstart it again. I have added an extra workout or two a week, and will likely continue to take at least 2 classes a week at the gym besides Stroller Strides.

My new and improved eating is pretty smooth. Pretty much the same old same old..sushi, Kashi, yogurt and lots of salads with fresh fruit snacks. Also today, I made a delicious take on pasta and sauce with Shiritaki noodles, tofu meatballs and spicy sauce. YUM! I hope to lose 2 more lbs before June is over and make it a cool 10 lbs gone and lost forever before July and August set in an I can work on the 2nd 10.

Stay healthy and let me know if you have any tips on losing more weight faster and consistently. I could use them.

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