Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: A grumpy day! Daily Diet Friday & Sat (so far)

Ever have one of those days where you should probably roll over and go back to bed, call off whatever you have planned and sit home and sulk, or clean the house, or do something equally NOT fun??

    Well, I should have. I am super grumpy.  I am sure it is a combination of the rain, my time of month, and being on a pretty strict diet and exercise regime all at once. Add to it Ana's sudden 2 year old behaviour, and it makes Mama pretty grumps.  We got to class on time (despite the rain and packing a bunch of stuff to be out all day) and Ana was relentless about the snacks.  I try and pack her healthy things to eat when we are working out and running with the stroller, but she always wants snacks i.e crackers, cookies (animal crackers) etc.  I packed her blueberries (a staple), and Goldfish crackers.  Of course she didn't want the blueberries and wanted to start with the crackers, ugh.  So finally I relented because she kept asking for them over and over while we were doing our circuit.  Now, I am a pretty calm Mama and I do not really raise my voice to her, tell her "NO" or the like, but she was really pushing my buttons and I got short with her and told her she was driving me crazy. LOL. The ladies in the class heard me , and probably think I am mean to her (which I am not), but really, she was very annoying asking for the snack over and over and starting to whine.  I made it through the whole class and tried to give it 100%, but I was just in a terrible mood and did not have fun.   After I gave her the crackers, Ana was quiet and well behaved, but really this food thing is not great. I hope she grows out of this mode soon.

Anyhow, I feel better now. But what a grumps I was.  I hope Monday is a better day and I can redeem my workout.

Daily Diet Friday

Breakfast :
Kashi / skim

Salad with grilled chicken, tiny bit of feta...lots of lettuce  homemade dressing

Sushi: 2 rolls
1/4 cup noodles
a tiny scoop of red bean ice cream (shared with A).. My cheat night!!



Coffee skim

'Leftover nonfat greek yogurt (ana's)

 Ahi tuna
Salad with peppers, olives and onions
Balsamic on side

Non sweetened Iced tea

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