Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: Challenges and Catching up

 My mommy meltdown posts have fallen behind as I post great giveaways and sponsored reviews. I have decide to kick up my social media network and blog giveaways and I fear that I am losing my personalized touch.  I promise you I am here. And I am still pursuing weight loss avidly. I have been sticking to my diet wholeheartedly, with my usual breakfast of Kashi and skim or homemade WW cheese danish (recipe up soon, I promise).  A lot of fish, veggies and fruit. No ice cream. No desserts. Less carbs, very little bread and pasta.

The hardest day recently was Father's Day. I went out to brunch with my Dad and his family and we went to a local restaurant on the Hudson River (gorgeous with great food) that has a big breakfast/brunch buffet with all the trimmings. Soup to nuts and a lot of amazing looking goodies like homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Carrot cake. Cheesecake. Chocolate Mousse. Pastas and seafood. SO what did I order?  A salad with ahi tuna, hold the dressing. I was SOOOOO good. Believe me I would have loved to have a cheat day and dig into a nice slice of carrot cake, but it wasnt worth it to me and could have set off a downward spiral of cheating on eating. So I feel good for making that choice.

This week was an off week. Since I take Stroller Strides 3x a week , usually Mon, Wed and Fri or Sat.every other week, I take Ana to her playdate so I miss Mondays. And since I went to class on Fri, I skipped Sat. So I did not workout Sat, Sunday or Monday.  Today, I had to do something about that so the weight does not come back on. Also, I wanted to add 2 days in on the gym this week , so better sooner than later.  I decided to give Pilates another try, and it was a good , tough class. I just may take it again next Tuesday.  After class, and picking Ana up from the babysitting, we went for a good long walk/jog on the rail trail. It was gorgeous out, not too hot...and a breeze on the trail. Lovely.

Tomorrow it is back to business as usual and hopefully I will be weighed so I can find out if I am losing, gaining or keeping it even.

Until then, stay healthy.

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