Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: Before Photos

I know, I know. A month in to Mommy Meltdown and I am just now posting my "Before" Photos. But, I have been resistant. After all, noone wants unphotoshopped photos of themselves looking bad ..however I really do want to document the changes to my body over the 3 months.  These were taken about 2 weeks in, and already with the 9lbs gone, and muscle taking over the fat, I see a difference.

 I chose a too small pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans that still have the tags on (I want to wear them darn it) and a tight tank top that I wore when pregnant with Ana. I thought it was funny to wear the tank 8 months pregnant, then in my before photo and finally in my "After".

Without much further ado, here is what I looked like at the start of the program. Keep in mind the bad lighting, lack of a big smile and dour face. LOL...

  In this photo I am a size 10, about 155-156 and still flabby! But check back in August and that will allll be different!!


 and a very pregnant Zoe with the same tank! It stretches :))

Stay healthy,


Unknown said...

Your working so hard! Keep it up!

Susan said...

You are beautiful regardless but I know you want to feel like your old self so I am rooting for ya!! Hugs.

Susan said...

PS - loving the new blog design friend!