Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food


 Hello dear readers:
 I have two little picky chihuahuas Chai and Ginger, who are not getting any younger. They are sweet sleepy doggies, who will always be puppies to me. They are my little babies and before Ana arrived they were the belles of the ball. They have a comfy bed, cute little outfits, and will eat only the best of food. So I serve them Hill's Science Diet, which they love. Imagine how pleased I was when Bzz Agent chose me to test out the new Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food. My doggies love it! It is Grain Free, which is good for their digestion and is nutritious too. Make sure to try it out if you love Hill's Science Diet as much as our household does! As Chai and Ginger do!

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