Monday, May 7, 2012

Planning a 2nd Birthday Party! Over the Rainbow...

Hello dear readers:
  After planning a big birthday party with catering, a tent, and a candy table last year for Anastasia's 1rst birthday, I really want a low-key party for Ana's 2nd birthday. Since her birthday is July 31 which falls on a Tuesday, we are going to have a swimming party with pizza and ice cream sundae table. Hot cha cha.

  I have chosen the theme "Over the Rainbow" simply because I bought Ana the collection of Madame Alexander Wizard of OZ dolls for her birthday and she has a beautiful pair of ruby slippers. I am going to have a cute tutu-dress made for Ana and maybe even stick Ginger (our 4 lb long haired chihuahua ) into a basket for photos, heehee. What fun. Also, I found a cute sheet cake with a yellow brick road on it, and am having fun pinning rainbow photos of banners, and cupcake picks (though I am NOT making cupcakes this year). We are trying to keep the invite list down to close friends and family and a few of the girls from Ana's playgroup. Ideally, I would like to limit it to 10 kids, and their parents.

   I just started researching rainbow design options and found the perfect invites. Expect the next week to be full of birthday blogs whatever I discover out there on the net. :) And there is a lot. But I will edit, pin and add the best of the best here :)