Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mommy Meltdown Day 3, Friday Daily Diet!

My current drug regime, ugh! Prednisone is helping though.
Well, I almost did have that meltdown , but it was not because of the Mommy Meltdown Stroller Sides Class today, Saturday at 9 am.  It was because on Friday, my sinus infection took a turn for the worse and D , Ana and I rushed downstate to go to my allergist's office for a check-up and drugs.  When we got there, we were rushed in as I was at the start of a bad asthma attack and was hooked up to the nebulizer for a few minutes. Then, once I was breathing and calmed down, we talked about my symptoms: stuffed nose, clogged ears, and sinus headaches. I could not breathe at all through my nose and when I cannot breathe I cannot sleep, so I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before.  After an exam of my nose, ears , and throat I was referred to go so an E, N, T doctor (ears, nose and throat), and I am going to make an appointment on Tuesday and find out just what might be causing these monthly infections and headaches.   Also, my friend Heidi (a new natural blogger): Natural Voice Mommy suggested I give up dairy for a month and see if that helps.

The class today was awesome, even though it was a marathon class for those participating in the Jogger Mom Marathon.  Since it was only my third class, and I had such lung/sinus problems this week, I did not push myself to the maximum. But, I also did not give up. When we ran, I ran slowly and then when I started to feel it hurt, I walked fast.  I know I will be up to speed soon, but I did not want to get wheezy. It was great, and I feel great. My nasal passages are clear, and I feel like I could rule the world.

As for my diet, I ate a bit more yesterday. Not sure if it was boredom or appetite, or a bit of both.  I definitely ate to make myself feel better:

Daily Diet : Friday


 A big pile of lettuce/arugula with Balsamic V.  (homemade with olive oil)
 Tomato soup (made with water)

Snack 1:

 Dried Mango (a small bag of Funky Monkey chips) all natural no sugar added


Squash with garlic
1/2 a bowl of low fat turkey chili

Snack 2:

 Popcorn (airpopped, no oils or butter) calorie/fat free cheese seasoning) yum!

Phew, seems like a lot for this week. But, I guess it is not so bad. Still, I hope I do not retain too much water (from the Pregnisone) .

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