Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Meltdown: Day 1 , OOh my aching legs!

The first day of Mommy Meltdown was a success. I had no idea what a Stroller Strides class would be like, but believe me it is not a joke! We started out with a jog, and did intervals with bands, and then ran! We did laps around the park, and even though I started at pace with everyone else, by the end of class I was falling behind and winded. Part of it is my asthma and sinus infection, so I had trouble catching my breath, but part of it was being out of shape and not doing extended cardio lately. Which is ok. It might take me a little bit of time to get up to speed, but you can bet after class 3x a week, I will be able to by the middle of the summer!

As for my nutrition, I have yet to set that up, But I started by cutting out dessert and bread carbs today. I had a very healthy if not undercaloried day. But some of it was my sinus infection. I really did not have much of an appetite, between the headache and sinus pressure.  I did go to the doctor and got some meds, so it should be better by end of the week.

My daily diet:

Breakfast:  blueberries and low fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt , one cup
                  coffee with skim milk

Lunch:  Squash with garlic
             Lean Cuisine Chile Lime Chicken

Dinner:  Leftover Chicken (grilled, no skin) white breast meat
              Small red potatoes plain

Lots of water and my afternoon skim coffee.   And that is it. No snacking today. No snacking until I talk with the nutritionist and find out what I should be eating. Probably fruit and nuts, which works for me, :)

So that was my first day.  Next class is Wednesday and I will be there bright and early, with Ana in stroller.   Tomorrow I will blog before photos , yahooooo :)

Stay healthy

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