Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, well rested, well fed and ready to work out!

Making deviled eggs and layered salad.

 I hope you had a peaceful and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Although I do not have any family members in the military, I have the utmost of respect for those who serve our country in spirit and life.  I always think of my Grandpa, who did serve and the parades we used to go to when we were children. 
Layered Salad

We had such a wonderful weekend full of friends, family, food and fun! I feel well-rested, well fed and am ready for a fun filled, adventurous summer. The pool was open and sparkling, our new furniture was comfy and was the perfect size for everyone to sit around comfortably. I had such a great time, and though I love being a hostess, truthfully: I just loving being around people, chatting , eating, laughing...etc.  I didn't even cheat on my new healthy way of eating, filling up on crudite , salad and grilled veggies and a turkey hotdog.  No drinks. And fruit for dessert (strawberries, yum). 

Ana loves watermelon.

Ana and Willou, her adorable BFF!
    I am excited to get back into the rhythm of working out and exploring the Hudson Valley in warm weather. Have a great week!  

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