Sunday, May 27, 2012

Folding up the 12-18 months and getting sentimental.

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My dear sweet baby is almost 22 months old, and as I plan her 2nd birthday party for her adorable & fun friends, I am filled with love for her sweetness and curiousity. She is such a talker and a singer, and a dancer. She spends hours every day singing her repertoire of songs:Twinkle, Twinkle, Rock a Bye, Happy Birthday, Hello Everybody and a few songs from our music classes. She loves to don a tutu and spin around calling herself a pretty princess (yes I know ALREADY, sigh). I love that she pretends to put on her shoes, and loves looking through mine (and I swear I never taught her that). Her lust for life, through smiles and giggles fills me with joy. She is such a dear sweet girl , and if the terrible twos have set in, I must be one of the luckiest moms in the world , since she really does not fuss. I can take her everywhere with me and am proud of her sweet nature and fun filled rosy filled eyes.


 Today I was getting so sentimental as I folded up her wool sweaters, hand knit sweaters, velvet dresses and other wintery items that will definitely not fit her next winter. I am putting away the 12-18 months and moving on to the 24 months and even some small sz 2 clothes.  She is such a tiny pixie, but I like her dresses long and most of her shorts and jeans are adjustable inside, so we should be ok.
It is so hard getting rid of all her cute things, but I made it through without crying and am excited for her beautiful summer wardrobe, plenty of photos to follow I promise.


Have a wonderful weekend and Holiday Monday....stay well and Peace!

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